Website Traffic Report: Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – October 2013

Visitor Numbers Overview – Last 30 Days

Here is a screenshot from Google Analytics for the period 24/09/2013 to 24/10/2013:

Screenshot showing Google Analytics Visitor Overview combined for Soccerwidow and Fussballwitwe - 24.09.2013 to 24.10.2013

Google Analytics Visitor Overview – Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – 24.09.2013 to 24.10.2013


In this 30 day period, there were a total of 42,251 visits, 36,067 of which were counted as “unique”. Repeat visitors made up the difference of 6,184; in other words, those who had visited Soccerwidow/ Fussballwitwe prior to 24/09/2013 from the same IP address.

6,184 repeat visitors translated into 14.6% of all visits within these 30 days.

On average, a visitor viewed 3.12 pages and spent 2 minutes 59 seconds browsing.

Only 53.06% of the visitors who came via search engines “bounced” after coming to their first page. In other words, they left Soccerwidow/Fussballwitwe straight after their landing page and did not take the time to explore the site further.

These are good statistics and suggest that the content of our site is appealing. The numbers stack up well with website averages in general, and are better than many other websites.

However, good should never be good enough, and we are aiming to get the bounce rate under 50%, with an average of more than 5 page views per visitor.

Planned changes include introducing Email subscriptions and improving the overall visitor experience.

Publishing more articles is also a priority but our readers can also help. If you would like to be a guest author and write an article or two, or perhaps even become a regular contributor, then please read more here.

If you cannot spare the time to get too involved with our project then simply mentioning and recommending Soccerwidow/Fussballwitwe in forums and other related websites you come across is also very much appreciated.

This is because when new visitors are introduced to Soccerwidow/Fussballwitwe via comments on related forums/blogs, the chances are high that they do not bounce but find answers to questions which have probably eluded them for a long time.

Daily Page Views, Uniques Visits and Returning Visitors in the last 7 Days

This is a screenshot from the WordPress analytics tool ‘StatCounter’:

Screenshot showing StatCounter Page Views & Visits - Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe - 18.10.2013 to 24.10.2013

StatCounter Page Views & Visits – Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – 18.10.2013 to 24.10.2013

The snapshot above shows Soccerwidow/Fussballwitwe exceeded the 2,000 visitors per day threshold on each of the 7 days logged with between 119 and 152 daily repeat visitors per day. These numbers continue to grow steadily all the time.

4,500 page views per day is now the norm, and we have repeatedly breached the 5,000 page views per day threshold in the last few months.

We have now worked out how to get listed well in search engines, and the more we improve the website and publish further articles, the better the website traffic will become.

If the growth trends continue, it is estimated that we will reach 500,000 page views per month by July 2014, and greet on a daily basis approximately 10,000 visitors by September 2014.

Anti-Football-Frustrations Project: Final Words from The Soccerwidow

It has taken me nearly three years to align my Anti-Football-Frustrations project on a promising and worthwhile course.

During its fourth year of existence in 2014, I will hopefully master the challenges of site speed, landing pages, conversion paths, and advertising, before I can begin to think of making serious money from the blog.

Undeniably, 2,000 daily visitors already produce enough revenue in order to pay the rent and food, but not much else. The returns are indisputably low in comparison to what I could earn with my business finance experience, qualifications and skills.

Yet, I have to admit, blogging is fun and to own and run an internet company is great! My learning curve is ‘alpine’, and my newly elected profession is anything but boring!

The most satisfying aspect is that I have managed to convert my football frustrations into a promising company!

If you wish to read more about the beginnings of this site, here are a few links to my early articles. In them I explain how and why I started up this website:

Psychology of Gambling and the Importance of a Staking Plan
Observations of EPL Football Mania in Uganda
Heart Beats Brain – Is Accurate Forecasting of Specific Results in Football Matches Possible?

Click here for the match previews from June 2012, which became just a little too successful for our own good:

Match previews from June 2012

To accompany these, here are a few summary articles of our betting predictions performance in connection with the Betfair German language blog articles:

Soccerwidow’s Match Preview Results: 6 Months, 207 Bets, Dec 2011 – May 2012
Soccerwidow’s Match Preview Results: 7 Months, 274 Bets, Dec 2011 – June 2012

Alas, Betfair is no longer active in Germany, and I am therefore no longer providing match previews. A replacement customer has not yet been identified.

No one can work for free forever, hence why I will never again publish any free betting picks on

Teach yourself how to be successful by shopping for Soccerwidow’s range of value betting courses, tutorials and calculators.

And there will be more. I promise! 🙂

Last Update: 28 October 2013

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