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Results of our 2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables’ Real Time Test

From July 1st to August 26th we ran a Summer League HDAFU Tables Live Picks Trial to see if and how coronavirus...
Coronavirus illustration & soccer player

2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables – Coronavirus Trial – ‘Live’ Picks

This article will be updated at least once a day until the first halves of the league seasons highlighted...
Graph Profit+Loss HDAFU Trial Summer Leagues 2020

Interim Report after 91 Picks & 26 Betting Rounds ~ HDAFU Tables

2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables: Coronavirus Trial – ‘Live’ Picks Since the 1st July,...
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Relaxed in a coconut paradise / entspannt in einem Kokosnuss-Paradies

Is Arbitrage Worthwhile Pursuing? Is Arbitrage Legal?

Arbitrage is ‘Sure Betting’ In the world of sports betting the art of arbitrage involves...
Frozen 200 Euro note in a block of ice / 200 Euro-Schein in einem Eisblock

6 Major Risks of Arbitrage Betting and their Solutions

Although professional arbitraging is one of the more secure methods of earning consistent profits through...
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Exclusive RebelBetting Interview – Sports Betting Arbitrage

If you have already tried making money from sports betting your experience may have been that it isn´t...
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Cartoon: Group looking at a whiteboard with very strange word on it / Karikatur: Gruppe vor einem Whiteboard mit einem sehr seltsamem Wort

How do Bookmakers Tick? How & Why do they Set Their Odds as they do?

Becoming a successful bettor requires not only a deep understanding of odds calculation but, it is also...

2017-18 Winter League Report – Bank Management & Stake Size

In the article Finding a System Using the HO/AO Quotient I showed you how to identify profitable clusters...
Business woman holding calculator / Businessfrau mit Taschenrechner

Understanding Betting Odds – Moneyline, Fractional Odds, Decimal Odds, Hong Kong Odds, IN Odds, MA Odds

The Two Types of Odds Formats There are all kinds of explanations on the Internet about various odds...