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It Pays to be a Guest Author

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Are you interested in football, betting and statistics?

We are looking for contributors to this blog and if you are a person who loves sharing knowledge with others then please consider writing articles for Soccerwidow.

Your topics should fit Soccerwidow’s themes, which include online football betting, bookmakers, football statistics, betting strategies and systems, betting exchanges, et cetera. It is up to you what you want to write about, whether it is purely a blog post to amuse readers or, deep mathematical analyses of strategies and systems.

You are welcome to write articles in connection with your own personal betting strategies or descriptions of observations and betting experiences (positive or negative), general explanations of betting terminology, book reviews or references to excellent Web sites on this subject. Any informative article about football and betting will be welcome. This blog’s intention is to broadly inform readers about football and betting but, also to highlight peripherals such as gambling addiction and personal ways of dealing with a football fanatical partner, to mention just a few!

Soccerwidow’s community is steadily growing and as I write in mid-January 2012, the blog welcomes over 200 daily visitors; in addition, the traffic doubles every three months and has done so since July 2011. The average visitor reads two or three articles on his/her first visit, and approximately 25% of these visitors return more than once and become regular readers. At present, Soccerwidow’s followers read around 10,000 pages per month and some articles are read over 500 times each per month.

It pays to write for

To become part of this exciting project it is not necessary to be a supreme soccer or betting expert; much more important is that you have a curious mind and perhaps also find mathematics and data analysis a pleasurable leisure-time activity. It would also be advantageous possessing the ability to explain complicated equations or relationships in easy-to-read, or layman’s language.

By the way, you may find that by writing and focusing on one particular topic at a time, this may help you to improve your own strategies by exploring problems from different perspectives. This is certainly a very satisfying side-effect of being an author!

In addition to the enjoyment of writing for thousands of readers, Soccerwidow’s guest authors will be paid a fee for each published article. Please bear in mind payment depends on the type of article, its quality/accuracy, content, topic coverage, regularity and ultimately the traffic it drives in terms of readership. If the article is a betting course or other very informative and valuable piece of work that can be charged by Soccerwidow for download by readers, then any income received will be split up to 70% in favour of the author. Of course, we will translate your article into German for extra exposure on our German language mirror site,

Interested? Then why not email Soccerwidow! In your email please indicate your preferred area of expertise, which topics you may want to cover, and the potential regularity of your contributions.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Best regards,

Last Update: 14 January 2011


3 Responses to “It Pays to be a Guest Author”

  1. 5 March 2012 at 9:41 pm #

    Hi Steve,
    Thanks for your contacting us about publishing content articles on your site. Sadly, we do not write articles purely for back-links; only for payment I’m afraid. Soccerwidow’s articles are researched thoroughly and the detailed analysis that goes into our predictions, the like of which are to be found in the Betfair English and German language blogs, has proved very accurate and is generally very well received. However, please contact us via the above email address should you wish to pursue this further.
    Good luck with your blog and best wishes,

    • 7 March 2012 at 10:40 am #

      Hi we do have many other opportunities that have numerous ways of generating earnings including paid for articles for one of our businesses that produces a 52 page members report. I do not use outlook and cannot see your mail address on the site, so if you could send me a note we can chat further about the opportunities available.


  2. 2 March 2012 at 5:36 pm #

    Hi SW & SWB

    As part of our own marketing activities we run an informative daily blog site which you can view here.

    We are actually on the look out for a weekly football content writer and having read some of the items on your own site this would seem an ideal fit. The feature should be around 500 words and hopefully include a selection(s) for the weekend games. It can include a link to your own site which will drive traffic to you and there may be future jv opportunities with our other well established businesses.

    If this is of interest then could you drop me a note and we can take it further.

    Steve C

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