Gambling for Fun or Gambling for Money? – The Truth

When people tell me they gamble for the fun of it, I find this hard to believe. It beats me but I simply cannot see the point of ‘enjoying’ losing money for the sake of it.

Honestly, if I would find any pleasure in losing money, I would seek out far more thrilling methods of departing from it. I can assure you that watching cinders of cash spiralling away in the air is great fun. Alternatively, take a wad of bank notes and flush them down the toilet – Disposable income can be art!

Gamblers are masters in the art of self-deception. They are convinced they gamble primarily for fun and don’t mind losing.Collage of Shutterstock images; Foreground: Edel Puntonet, Background: Jag_cz

If you Enjoy Losing Money…

The point is if you truly enjoy losing money then there are better ways of getting rid of it than gambling it away with all the dashed hopes and strained emotions which go with it.

Unfortunately, gamblers are masters in the art of self-deception. They are convinced they gamble primarily for fun and don’t mind losing. However, I would bet their real motive is to make as much money as possible from as little funds as available.

I am sorry to shatter this dream, but getting rich quick with gambling is practically impossible!

Be Honest With Yourself…

Indisputably, there are sometimes cases of people winning the lottery, or making a fortune by placing a high odds accumulator. This cannot be denied. These rare examples exist and are widely broadcast in newspapers, used for marketing by bookmakers, casinos, and stock exchanges.

Why? – Because big wins such as this happen rarely and people get sucked into dreaming about replicating such successes.

Please, be honest with yourself…

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by pure gambling? – I don’t know any. On the other hand, I am acquainted with a good number of people who have become rich by managing or investing money in businesses.

Therefore, if you are a pure gambler, if you are somebody who regularly bets or plays cards, or risks money on financial trades such as shares or forex, your lack of knowledge and skills probably mean you are just ‘hoping’ to strike it lucky on something you know little about.

People are Losing Large and Small Fortunes with Gambling

I can assure you that I also know enough people personally who have lost large and small fortunes; people who cleared their hard-earned savings accounts and in some cases undid a lifetime’s work by overestimating their own abilities.

Those people believed they were smarter than the average person, which gave them a licence to think they could beat the market.

Greed is the worst guide. Boredom is another enemy. Believing that you can beat the market whilst others fail is delusional. What are your special skills? Where is your advantage?

It Is So Much Easier to Make Serious Money With Any Activity…

… but not with gambling!!!

Are you looking to escape the rat race and join the nouveau riche?

What do you have to offer? Which standards of expertise and excellence can you exhibit in a conversation interesting enough for successful people to value your thoughts?

Why should managers, investors, businessmen, and other entrepreneurs listen to your opinions and wish to spend time with you?

It is likely that you won’t be able to answer these questions immediately, but start thinking. It is never too late!

Begin working on changing your mindset. Reflect on your skills.

Become somebody successful people want to mix with.

Re-think Your Position in the World

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Last Update: 27 September 2017

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