Demystifying Betting Myths
Statistics are the language of betting; learn to speak fluently, and the market will reveal its secrets.

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Fundamentals of Sports Betting – A course designed to provide the essential, fundamental knowledge necessary to compete with bookmakers on a level playing field.

Written by a female quantitative analyst, this book is free of the machismo usually associated with gambling and football in general. It debunks many of the myths and irrelevant information surrounding football betting.

Those wishing to turn high risk gambling into a form of low risk investment, and fully understand the link between betting, science and psychology, will find many answers in this definitive guide.

The course is timeless and relevant not only to football, but sports betting in general.

This book will enlighten most readers but, for those with little or no background in mathematics or statistics, the learning curve may be steep and at times frustrating until things begin to click into place.

The intention of this course is to teach you maths and basic statistics in a practical way to predict football results. The reader will be surprised to learn that this is not only possible, but actually quite easy.

They may also be astonished to learn how bookmakers set their odds and operate. They will find out how odds are manipulated during the ante post period, not by the book-makers, but by the punters themselves.

At the end of this course the reader should be able to predict Over/Under goals with an un-canny degree of accuracy, impress your friends, and astound him/herself.

The Science of Prediction

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Are You…

Football King

…a punter with an impressive hit rate for predictions?

…a fan who has been following football longer than you have been in work?

…somebody who has developed a brilliant sixth sense for the likelihood of a particular outcome?

Do You Know How…

Big Question

…bookmakers operate?

…to operate a book of bets for perennial profits?

…to use maths to improve your betting performance?

…to calculate odds and make informed betting decisions?

Do You Make Money With Betting?

Do You Want?

Cartoon Searching for the edge + OU course book cover

To move away from gut feeling to a scientific approach?

To get an insight from an odds compiler (statistician, mathematician)?

To truly understand the vital importance of ‘value’ and how to apply the principles to betting?

Bet Successfully!

Fundamentals of Sports Betting - book cover

The science behind odds calculation.

How bookmakers ensure their profits.

The Real Approach To Making Money with Betting!

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This is possibly the most valuable book about betting you will ever buy!

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