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We are very pleased that the 2nd edition of our comprehensive betting course Fundamentals of Sports Betting (Betting on Over/Under ‘X’ Goals) is now available for sale. It incorporates four more years of research and development and replaces our old flagship version.

Do you know how bookmakers set their odds? We do! And we will happily teach you too!

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the upgrades at a glance

The 2nd edition is not just a ‘revised’ version, it is a total overhaul answering many questions raised by our original audience such as deviations and correction factors, which are explained in great detail.

The updated version is now a hefty document at 169 pages and almost 40,000 words, three times the length of the first course.

One enormous enhancement is that in this new version, we actually give away two proven methods of bet selection, making it as easy as possible to spot candidates for successful value betting portfolios.

Another substantial upgrade is that buyers of the 2nd edition will now automatically get the current, up-to-date German Bundesliga cluster table supplied with the course. In addition, you will find a discount code within the course enabling you to download for free the German Bundesliga sheet in future seasons, meaning that you will always have access to the most current Bundesliga cluster table, forever: it doesn’t matter when you bought the course.

What Customers Say


The course is really very well done! Concentrated expertise that cannot be found anywhere else.


Finally an unbiased contribution to football betting, which goes beyond a simple description of betting options and also explains bookmaker calculations as well as betting odds formation in detail.

What really surprised me is how easy it actually is to calculate odds and even predict Betfair market prices to find value bets. However, I will still need a long time to work through the entire course, but now I have some guidance about how to change my betting behaviour.


Hello Soccerwidow,

Your course is written very well. My bet portfolio now considers mathematical formulas and somehow I like this.

It is amazing to see how close my own calculated odds come to the actual odds for different bookmakers. Without your course I wouldn’t be able to find value.


I just working through the Over/Under X Goals course.

The examples described are simply fabulous. When I look back and see what I have previously evaluated and what is recommended by you – they are worlds if not galaxies apart.

Marcel Brand

Dear Soccerwidow,

Firstly many thanks for the great Over/Under Goals course. I would already personally call myself an advanced bettor, but your course has brought me further forwards, especially in the topic of cluster grouping.


Just bought your guide, and learned a lot. Many, many thanks! I can recommend it.
Worth every penny!


I’ve just purchased the Over/Under course and Value Bet detector. They are both excellent products and bring together all the knowledge that I have accumulated over a few decades.

Unfortunately, it has taken me this long to figure out the simple fact that value bets + staking plan = steady profits 😉


When I bought your course I was completely overawed by it and didn’t read it properly for a couple of months – in fact I stopped betting altogether…

But when I had nothing to do one day I re-opened it, gradually overcame my fear, and began making some satisfying progress.

The exercises and questions really are a great idea and help to commit the concepts to memory, and having the answers provided at the back of the book is hugely reassuring, especially when you get them right.

>>> product specifics <<<

what level of education does the course provide?

The course Fundamentals of Sports Betting – Over/Under ‘X’ Goals explains statistical applications required to calculate odds and find value in the market.

All the concepts explained apply basic maths, financial management, quantitative analysis, and statistics to football betting.

The course reinterprets maths covered in A-levels at school (such as analysing graphs, calculating the mean, etc.), and also introduces some statistics from the first year of university studies (e.g. standard deviation).

Last Update: 20 July 2016

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2 Responses to “Over/Under Goals Football Betting – Course Book Testimonials”

  1. 28 March 2017 at 7:12 am #

    I bought your betting course just last week and feel like I’ve been on a university course since then – the quality and volume of knowledge imparted is incredible, but not only that, the way in which concepts are broken down and explained is excellent. So thanks for being so generous with your knowledge!

    I can (and will) thoroughly recommend the course to anyone with an interest in sports betting.

  2. 19 September 2016 at 5:35 am #

    Hi there!

    Bought your OU guide (the July 2016 edition) yesterday and have been going through it religiously. I started with statistics and sports betting 2 years ago completing the Khan Academy courses on the subject but it lost me at some point due to it’s abstract nature, life got in the way and I left it hanging until recently.

    Luckily, with that basic understanding of statistics following your guide was an absolute joy! And the fact that all examples are with actual data makes it fun, instead of dry x/y equations and whatnot.

    Thanks for the great write-up! Can’t wait to continue.


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