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Soccer ball on cell phone; broken glass mobile phone / Fußball bricht durchs Handy; viele Glasscherben

Website Traffic Report: Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – October 2013

It is not just website owners who are interested in how their site performs or how much traffic their website receives. Concrete information about website traffic, visitor numbers, and page views is also particularly interesting for agencies...
Woman leaning on a 0,- / Frau lehnt an einer 0, -

Google Adsense Clickers Must not Return to Source!

Although paradoxical, your Web site has to do everything possible to ensure that visitors who click on your Adsense adverts do not push the back button immediately, thus returning to your Web site. If they do this the advert click is wasted...
Set of Manual Tools / Handwerkzeuge

Multilingual Ad Targeting & Positioning in WordPress

C’est facile, n’est-ce pas? This blog is not only a bilingual German and English site, but most of the adverts on it also fit the article topics and display in the correct language. For example, if you press F5 and reload a page...
Abstract conception of network and communication / Abstrakte Darstellung von Netzwerken und Kommunikation

Management of External & Affiliate Links via Redirection Scripts in WordPress

Hopefully, as your Web site grows and prospers, inevitably, the number of external links will grow too. However, from the very start of your Internet project, it is crucial to be aware that Web pages on third party Web sites have the annoying...
Digits of right hand shackled by chains / Finger der rechten Hand durch Ketten gefesselt

Do “Pay-per-Sale” Affiliate Programmes Pay?

One way a blog can theoretically make money is by registering with affiliate programmes. Pay-per-sale is an online advertisement system where the publisher or Web site owner is paid according to the number of sales directly generated by an advert....

The First Half Year in Figures – January to June 2011

It’s now six months since launched online and for those interested in the figures, here is a summary of the first half year. However, please bear in mind that the blog has been virtually dormant for the last three months due...
Desk calendar showing February 2011 / Tischkalender für Februar 2011

The Second Month in Figures – February 2011

The second month of this blog is now concluded and if anyone is thinking of starting a similar project, I am sure they would appreciate some statistical information, insights into whether it is possible to earn money from site traffic, and an...
Desk calendar showing January 2011

The First Month in Figures – January 2011

Soccerwidow’s figures for the first month of blogging do not look too bad at all. In summary, I published a total of 24 articles, each in English and German, achieving an average of nearly one bilingual post per day. However, I have to...