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The First Month in Figures – January 2011

Soccerwidow’s figures for the first month of blogging do not look too bad at all.

In summary, I published a total of 24 articles, each in English and German, achieving an average of nearly one bilingual post per day.

However, I have to say it was fairly difficult, working solidly throughout the daylight hours. Thankfully, motivation was constantly at hand seeing the number of visitors rising slowly, but steadily:

Google Analytics Screenshot showing visitor numbers during January 2011

Google Analytics Screenshot: Daily Visitors - January 2011

Altogether, the blog attracted 249 unique visitors, of which 49.85% left the site immediately they landed upon it (the bounce rate), but the remainder stayed for an average of five minutes and 16 seconds:

Google Analytics Screenshot showing site statistics during January 2011

Google Analytics Screenshot: Site Statistics - January 2011

A closer view shows that 96 first-time visitors (39.8%) returned to the site to read more, staying for an average of 18 minutes and 22 seconds:

Google Analytics Screenshot showing visitor types during January 2011

Google Analytics Screenshot: New vs. Returning Visitors - January 2011

In just one month, Soccerwidow achieved an Alexa page rank of 4,264,036 (not bad considering that there are approximately 255,000,000 websites worldwide); Google indexed 96 links and Yahoo 31, and by the end of January, there were also 285 back-links to Soccerwidow:

Site-Trail Analytics Screenshot showing metrics including site worth, Alexa rank and indexed pages during January 2011

Site-Trail Statistics - as at 2011.01.31

Visitors googled various keywords and found Soccerwidow via the following words and phrases:

Table showing Google Search Engine Keywords - January 2011

Google Search Engine Keywords - January 2011

Nevertheless, visitors did not click on as many adverts as hoped (literally zero income), which means I may take out the banners and leave only the text links. More lucrative income streams will have to be sought.

Screenshot showing total affiliate clicks during January 2011

Affiliate Clicks - January 2011

Unfortunately, there were hardly any comments placed on the site by readers in January. This is regrettable as feedback is enormously important for me in order to adjust the content and type of articles to my readers’ tastes. It is also important for my own motivation as it is quite challenging to write ‘in the dark’ and then only see afterwards the growing numbers of visitors reading the articles, being the only measure of how successful each has been.

However, there was one enquiry by email whether I can deliver paid football tips and prognoses on the English Premier League. I will think about this and perhaps introduce a paid newsletter service?

Google Analytics screenshot showing breakdown of visitors by country

Google Analytics: Visitors by Country - January 2011

The targets for February are:

  • 600 back-links to Soccerwidow
  • At least 100 visitors per day
  • An Alexa rank of under 2 million
  • To increase the number of visitors from Great Britain in relation to German visitors (at least 50% of visitors should come from GB?) and also increase returning visits from GB (38% of German readers come back again but only 8% from GB do so).
  • German visitors spend on average three minutes and 30 seconds per visit, but British visitors only one minute 39 seconds. Altogether, the time spent by guests on the site needs to increase to make it worthwhile continuing with the blog.

The most popular articles in January were:

The article about MarketFeeder was published only yesterday (31st January), and has already greeted 28 readers. Therefore, I will publish more reviews of betting ‘bots’ in February.

17 visitors (7% all visitors) were interested in the article Guest Authors, meaning there are probably good chances that people may perhaps write for the blog sometime in the future?

So, that’s it for this month. I think Soccerwidow has got off to quite a good start and it remains for me to hope that the trend continues. In the meantime, thank you all for your time and support! 🙂

If you are interested in Soccerwidow’s historical development, why not have a look at what happened next: Month Two – February 2011

Last Update: 1 February 2011

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