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Website Traffic Report: Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – October 2013

It is not just website owners who are interested in how their site performs or how much traffic their website receives.

Concrete information about website traffic, visitor numbers, and page views is also particularly interesting for agencies that search the Internet for advertising partners and targeted traffic.

Of course, there are also plenty of competing sites wishing to research (or to spy on) their competitors.

Lastly, there are the users of websites who maybe curious as to how popular their favourite websites actually are.

Determining how much Traffic a Website has

The first group – operators of websites – can find out their visitor numbers very easily. All it takes is a quick install of a statistical service such as Google Analytics to provide instantly ready and reliable data.

The other groups – advertisers, competitors, and readers – are left in the dark, and have limited tools at their disposal to obtain traffic information.

Unfortunately, it does not matter which evaluation tool you use (e.g. Alexa, Compete, QuantCast, etc.), the generated estimates are massively inaccurate.

Sometimes (but rarely) the results may be close, but on the whole there is no accurate data gathering method possible to correctly determine the site statistics of a third party website.

Therefore, advertisers, competitors and readers have only two options available to get reliable website traffic data.

Either they enquire directly from the website operator asking for visitor numbers and other site traffic stats they are interested in, or they can hope that the site owner publishes website traffic reports from time to time.

However, for a website owner this type of publication is very time consuming.

Of course, in deciding whether or not to publish ‘sensitive’ data about his website, the owner must also consider trading competition from other websites. After years of trial, error, and hard work, it is understandable that many website owners prefer to keep the statistics of their own success to themselves.

Nevertheless when running a website it is very important to have benchmarks for website traffic against which to compare your own efforts. Indeed, finding such information which has been freely published is the sign of a good website, confident with their own product.

Today therefore, after 2 years and 10 months of running Soccerwidow (English language version) in tandem with Fussballwitwe (German language version), here are our most up-to-date website traffic statistics.

Website Traffic Statistics – Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe

Note: The published stats we refer to are always the combination of figures from both sites.

Screenshot from WordPress Site Stats showing Soccerwidow and Fussballwitwe Combined Page Views per month - April 2011 to September 2013

WordPress Site Stats Combined Page Views per month – Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – April 2011 to September 2013

The above screenshot is from Stats and shows the monthly page views.

Google Analytics also generates a similar graph and shown below are the weekly numbers of unique visitors for both sites combined:

Screenshot from Google Analytics showing combined Visitor Overview for Soccerwidow and Fussballwitwe - 01.01.2011 to 19.10.2013

Google Analytics Combined Visitor Overview – Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – 01.01.2011 to 19.10.2013


In September 2013, Soccerwidow’s and Fussballwitwe’s popularity was consistent at around 10,000 unique visitors per week, and both sites combined achieved a total of 124,200 page views in this one month.

Euro 2012 Blip

The peak in visitor numbers visible around June/July 2012 coincided with our decision to publish match previews in conjunction with the Euro 2012 football tournament articles we were contracted to write for the Betfair German language blog.

We translated our predictions for Euro 2012 into English and published them simultaneously in

The result was staggering as the match previews and value bet predictions were an instant hit with our readers but, the price of this success was the eventual failure of our server, which couldn’t cope with the huge influx in traffic.

The picks were enormously accurate and combined with the betting interest generated by Euro 2012, every match we previewed was called upon more than 2,000 times within a few hours of publication.

Thousands of enthusiastic punters were following our free tips, but personally speaking, we did not make a penny from this work, instead learning a very valuable lesson when our server reached its capacity limit and crashed.

As a result, we had to make a business decision and suspended the publication of free picks after the tournament finished. Of course, with no free picks and no major football tournament to fuel gambling interest, our site visitor numbers collapsed in a short space of time by the end of July 2012.

To reiterate, Soccerwidow is not a tipster service, and we have NO (!) intention of becoming one. We explain how to analyse data, what you need to know about betting, and how to calculate odds, recognise value and develop your own successful strategy.

Selecting your betting strategy and picking bets for each individual game is your job!

Last Update: 28 October 2013

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