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1×2 Full-Time Table of Records – Value Bet Detector with H2H history

The 1×2 Full-Time table of records is a compilation of HDA data from 417 completed Value Bet Detector spreadsheets from 24 countries around the world. (League games with H2H history).

1x2 FT Table of Records - Value Bet Detector with H2H history

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The data set represents a statistically significant number of matches.

Each tab will improve your knowledge and understanding of odds calculation. Sorting the data into probability clusters will clarify your own observations.

Using the plethora of data included in this Excel download, winning and losing streaks in different 1×2 probability groups will be evident and distinguishable.

Advanced Excel users can utilise the tables to identify bookmaker trends and false odds patterns.

The knowledge gained from our records table will support you in customising your True Odds & Value Detector.

Whichever football betting strategy you follow, deeper analysis always improves hit rates.

XLS file for download:

Size: 977.5 KB

To purchase the Value Bet Detector itself please visit THIS LINK.

Watch the explanatory video below:

Notes: Adjust the picture quality at the bottom of the screen above by clicking on the ⚙ button (to the left of the YouTube logo), then click on ‘Quality’ and choose a higher resolution as desired. Go to full screen mode by clicking on the box symbol (to the right of the YouTube logo).

Spreadsheet Table of Contents:

1. Record tab with 417 sets of data
2. Tab: HOME True odds – probability clusters
3. Tab: HOME Bookmaker odds – probability clusters
4. Tab: DRAW True odds – probability clusters
5. Tab: DRAW 25-29.99% True odds probability cluster
.   [split into country clusters]
6. Tab: DRAW Bookmaker odds – probability clusters
7. Tab: DRAW 25-29.99% Bookmaker odds probability cluster
.   [split into country clusters]
8. Tab: AWAY True odds – probability clusters
9. Tab: AWAY Bookmaker odds – probability clusters

1×2 FT Table of Records Synopsis

Please remember that the Value Bet Detector is not an automated betting tool; it is a sophisticated mathematical instrument to calculate statistical likelihoods of events occurring, and to identify whether the odds for those events hold value.

The 1×2 table of records is a supporting spreadsheet of data captured by the Value Bet Detector over a period of 18 months and is a valuable addition enabling the user to better target probability and odds clusters.

It goes without saying that the more knowledge and understanding of odds calculation you have, the more useful this ancillary spreadsheet will be.

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Last Update: 7 October 2013

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2 Responses to “1×2 Full-Time Table of Records – Value Bet Detector with H2H history”

  1. 17 December 2013 at 4:57 pm #


    Will the data be updated to current or only until sep 3013


    • 18 December 2013 at 12:15 pm #

      In order to carry out calculations, data up to September 2013 is sufficient.

      However, we are constantly monitoring the VC and from time to time an update will be emailed to all buyers, but this won’t be too frequent.

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