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Young woman opening empty coin purse / Junge Frau, die eine leere Geldbörse öffnet

Get Permission to Use Images Displayed on Soccerwidow

Copyright Law & Licencing The images we use for illustration purposes throughout this website are often stock photos, purchased from outstanding libraries such as Shutterstock. Image: alexkatkov (Shutterstock) We sometimes modify these...
Soccer ball on cell phone; broken glass mobile phone / Fußball bricht durchs Handy; viele Glasscherben

Website Traffic Report: Soccerwidow / Fussballwitwe – October 2013

It is not just website owners who are interested in how their site performs or how much traffic their website receives. Concrete information about website traffic, visitor numbers, and page views is also particularly interesting for agencies...
Group of tiny people walking into a gate shaped like a keyhole / Gruppe sehr kleiner Menschen läuft durch ein Tor in Schlüssellochform

How Long Until My Blog Reaches 1,000 Daily Visitors?

This is a question confronting many bloggers and whilst some achieve this goal faster than others, many never do. However, it certainly depends a lot upon the topic of the blog and how much time is put into it. One observation of mine is that...

The First Half Year in Figures – January to June 2011

It’s now six months since launched online and for those interested in the figures, here is a summary of the first half year. However, please bear in mind that the blog has been virtually dormant for the last three months due...
Desk calendar showing February 2011 / Tischkalender für Februar 2011

The Second Month in Figures – February 2011

The second month of this blog is now concluded and if anyone is thinking of starting a similar project, I am sure they would appreciate some statistical information, insights into whether it is possible to earn money from site traffic, and an...