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Young woman juggling balls made of bank notes / Junge Frau mit Banknoten Jonglierbällen

Top 10 Crucial Benchmarks for Online Betting Sites

What do professional bettors consider the 10 most vital factors when choosing online bookmaker or betting exchange accounts? This guide gives you our top 10 things to look out for and check when picking a list of reliable online betting sites...
Frozen 200 Euro note in a block of ice / 200 Euro-Schein in einem Eisblock

6 Major Risks of Arbitrage Betting and their Solutions

Although professional arbitraging is one of the more secure methods of earning consistent profits through betting, there are several risks involved which must be avoided or controlled. Image: Andresr (Shutterstock) (1) Disappearance of Arbitrage...
Heads as gears and cogs shaped exchanging ideas / Köpfe geformt als Zahnräder im Austausch von Ideen

Two Completely Legal Tricks to Hide Your Identity

When you surf the internet your computer is given a public IP address. This address determines accurate information about your computer and its location. Simply put, without proper safeguards, anonymity when using the internet no longer exists...
Man receives money from hand within laptop screen / Mann bekommt Geld von einer Hand aus einem Laptop

Liquidity at Betting Exchanges – Which are the Best?

For serious bettors and professional traders, betting exchanges are the most convenient and reliable platforms. Bookmakers are often very quick to limit stakes and/or close accounts of successful customers, or void individual bets or even whole...
Money strategies concept - dollar bills on chess board / Geldstrategie Konzept - Dollarscheine auf einem Schachbrett

A Basic Understanding of Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange is not a bookmaker. They simply provide the Web site (platform) to allow logged-in members to bet against each other… Image: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad (Shutterstock) Betting Exchange Basics A betting exchange site is a platform...
Hand puts coins on money staircase / Hand legt Münzen auf Geldtreppe

Greening-Up In-Play at Betting Exchanges

Gambling ‘in play’ provides the opportunity of trading or hedging via betting exchange sites such as Betfair, Betdaq or Smarkets, where this type of strategy is known as greening-up (i.e. two or more transactions performed to produce a ‘green...
Surprised woman looking over a white wall / Frau schaut über eine weiße Wand mit überraschten Augen

How do I Hide or Disguise my IP Address?

Sometimes, it may be necessary to hide or disguise your IP address. Why? Perhaps you need to access blocked sites (e.g. Betfair, BBC, Facebook, etc.) that are temporarily or permanently not accessible due to your location, or maybe you need...
Young woman holding one hand on her ear and listening / Junge Frau hält eine Hand ans Ohr und lauscht

3 Very Good Reasons to have Multiple Bookmaker Accounts

(1) Improving your mathematical ‘edge’ by always picking the best odds available: Every serious football bettor should have several bookmaker accounts at his disposal in order to pick and choose the best available prices. Having...
Chessmen line up with a football

Football Betting Odds: Study Comparison Bookmaker vs. Exchanges Odds

It may surprise you to know that when placing a back bet before the commencement of a game, our research shows that more than 85% of Betfair’s odds (at 5% commission) can be beaten by bookmakers whether you are betting on the home win, draw,...
Business man adjuring a crystal ball / Geschäftsmann beschwört eine Kristallkugel

Utilising Soccerwidow’s Value Betting Techniques: A Trader’s Point Of View

A few months ago I was scouring the Net for advice on how to compile my own football odds and by fate, I happened to stumble across a great little site called Being impressed with the information they made freely available...