How we made £20k in 214 days with the Winter League HDAFU Tables

Following up the successful 2016 Summer League Campaign, here is our complete report on the 2016-17 Winter League Campaign, based on 18 different top flight leagues.

We will try to avoid repeating what was said in the summer league article so that it is all new information for you here, but for the sake of completeness, you should still read and digest both reports for a full idea of our strategies and thought processes.

And you will find the current stock of available HDAFU tables via this link.

Sadly, the length of time it has taken us to put together this article and the accompanying spreadsheet means that we are not able to offer it for free.

Indeed, the information contained in the following spreadsheet is far, far more extensive than the Summer League free download, and is a betting education in itself.

And we are sure that you will feel the nominal £6 charge is worth every penny: It will double as an ideal template for your own portfolio structuring and monitoring processes.

The size of this .XLSX Excel file is 553KB:

>>> 2016-17 winter league campaign <<<



  • The spreadsheet details every bet in every system used and is totally customizable, including a stake toggle (Chrono tab cell N1838) to allow you to see the effects of different levels of flat staking.
  • Includes a separate tab for each of the 22 systems used, detailing the systems themselves and the individual bet results.
  • The Chrono tab brings the 22 systems together in one tab for collective detailed analysis.
  • The Inflection Points graph tab shows the profit curve’s adventures based on the full range of odds bought. (This is a static table relevant only to this portfolio).
  • The most important addition is the Stake Ratchet and Stop-loss simulation (an example of a medium-aggressive progressive staking plan: Chrono tab), which will provide you with the ideas and tools to manage your money professionally and make it work at optimum levels in order to maximise profits.


2016-17 Campaign Report

Measures of Risk

Before beginning to plan any portfolio or placing bets, you will need to review your analyses and rank the systems you have found according to risk exposure based on the values of the upper inflection point odds.

This will allow you to compile a portfolio with a healthy balance of risk, which is essential to the success of any investment plan.

Here is our rough guide:

  • Low Risk (Probability 45.00% or more; upper inflection point maximum odds of 2.22)
  • Low-medium Risk (Probability 44.99%-35.00%; upper inflection point maximum odds of 2.85)
  • Medium Risk (Probability 34.99%-22.50%; upper inflection point maximum odds of 4.44)
  • Medium-high Risk (Probability 22.99%-16.00%; upper inflection point maximum odds of 6.25)
  • High Risk (Probability 15.99% or less; upper inflection point odds above 6.25)

Discretion is used if a system does not fit these parameters or crosses two or more classifications – In these cases, the harmonic mean odds of all the games in the set is used as the benchmark to guage risk. The Excel formula for a range of odds in cells A1 to A100 would be: =HARMEAN(A1:A100)

Measures of Success

You will also need a definitive framework to be able to judge the final results.

For us, the final results of any league fall into four distinct categories:

  • Systems that achieve a six-season-high (i.e. profits larger than any of the previous five seasons). (Over-Achievers).
  • Those that make a profit over and above the size of the initial stake (£100 in our case), but fall short of six-season-high results. (Achievers).
  • Strategies that break-even or, record a tiny profit or loss up to the size of the initial stake (£100 in our case). (Zero-Sum).
  • Leagues that make a loss over and above the size of the initial stake. (Losers).

You can already see that two of these outcomes are favourable, one is neutral, and only one is detrimental.

Last Update: 2 August 2017

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204 Responses to “How we made £20k in 214 days with the Winter League HDAFU Tables”

  1. Rado
    17 January 2018 at 6:57 pm #

    Can someone tell me about the newest addition to the “mandatory bookmakers” 1XBet in oddsportal? It seems that nearly always 1XBet has the highest odds for the matches in my systems. Their payout is over 98%, which is more than even Pinnacle and seems impossible! Should I include 1XBet when I check the odds, or should I disregard it like Marathon and Tempobet?

  2. Olly
    10 January 2018 at 12:53 pm #

    I just thought I’d let anyone who is interested know my mid season results up until today. I missed the first couple of weeks of the season on a few leagues. After a difficult first 6 weeks or so these are my results (I only did 7 leagues). These results are to level stakes:

    Holland: +10 points
    France Ligue 1: +0.2 points
    France Ligue 2: – 23 points
    Italy: -2 points
    Germany: +24 points
    Turkey: +7 points
    Belgium: + 2 points.

    Total : + 18 points.

    As we know Ligue 2 has been shocking though did recover somewhat from a low of -31 points at one stage. Germany has been fantastic. I am pleased with these results after the bad start, though clearly before starting I would have hoped for better but I have enjoyed the process up to now and will continue. Unsure whether to go for the summer league tables but most probably will.

  3. Rado
    24 December 2017 at 9:32 am #

    I have a question. Do you think that it will be a good idea if I change the ratchet system to have equal increase and decrease trigger amounts? Because in the exmple by Soccerwidow, it is increase every 1000 units profit and decrease every 500 units loss. Wouldn’t it be better if the stake decrease occurs also at 1000 units loss? If you have a bigger bank, this must not be a problem?

    • Right Winger
      24 December 2017 at 9:51 pm #

      Hi Rado,

      By all means tailor the ratchet and stop-loss systems to suit your own needs. The examples outlined in our articles are purely for guidance – please do not take them as gospel.

      The figures and strategies used were just an example of how to approach bank management. I am sure everyone has their own individual view on the situation, but whatever you decide is right for you, the overarching message is to protect the bank at all costs and speculate to accumulate when you hit a rich seam of results.

      I hope this helps in some small way.

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