Demystifying Betting Myths
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Traditional bookmakers betting shop / Traditioneller Buchmacher Wettshop

Value Betting versus Gut Feeling

Surprisingly, it seems that there are many sports bettors who make their selections in much the same fashion as the multitude of people who select random numbers on their weekly lottery slips. Whilst the lottery player may opt for personal numbers...
Finger wagging at Chihuahua puppy for good behaviour / Erhobener Zeigefinger zeigt Welpen gutes Benehmen

Calculating Odds for League Newcomers is Unpredictable

We often receive queries asking how to calculate odds for league newcomers and why we don’t develop a Value Bet Calculator for league matches involving teams without head-to-head (H2H) history, or their respective last 25 matches being in...
Excel screenshot showing the solutions to our odds correction exercise

Oddsportal Archived Odds – Identifying and Correcting 1×2 Odds Errors

As we have mentioned before, one of our favourite sites for collecting historical data is, and in our recent article about the concepts for football betting systems we outlined how to set-up an Oddsportal user account and...
A school of fish with 3 fish swimming against the stream / 3 Fische, die gegen den Strom anderer Fische schwimmen

Successful Football Betting Using a Portfolio Strategy

In principle, football results are randomly distributed but the outcomes of games can be predicted fairly accurately using statistical modelling. This is contrary to other forms of gambling loaded in favour of the house such as lottery and roulette,...
Money strategies concept - dollar bills on chess board / Geldstrategie Konzept - Dollarscheine auf einem Schachbrett

A Basic Understanding of Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange is not a bookmaker. They simply provide the Web site (platform) to allow logged-in members to bet against each other… Image: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad (Shutterstock) Betting Exchange Basics A betting exchange site is a platform...
Hand puts coins on money staircase / Hand legt Münzen auf Geldtreppe

Greening-Up In-Play at Betting Exchanges

Gambling ‘in play’ provides the opportunity of trading or hedging via betting exchange sites such as Betfair, Betdaq or Smarkets, where this type of strategy is known as greening-up (i.e. two or more transactions performed to produce a ‘green...
Man with fork and money on the dish / Mann mit Gabel und Geld auf dem Teller

Bookmakers/ Bookies – What are Bookmakers?

A collection of definitions and explanations of “bookmakers” and “bookies” as found in dictionaries, encyclopedias and web sites. Dictionary definitions of bookmakers (Longman): book‧mak‧er also bookie (informal) Someone...
Surprised woman looking over a white wall / Frau schaut über eine weiße Wand mit überraschten Augen

How do I Hide or Disguise my IP Address?

Sometimes, it may be necessary to hide or disguise your IP address. Why? Perhaps you need to access blocked sites (e.g. Betfair, BBC, Facebook, etc.) that are temporarily or permanently not accessible due to your location, or maybe you need...
Football stadium after a strong snowfall / Tribünen eines Fußballstadions nach einem starken Schneefall

Match Abandoned?! Different Rules of Bookmakers and Exchanges

This article focuses on the attitudes of different bookmakers and exchanges towards postponed or abandoned fixtures and the way bets will be affected if you are unfortunate enough to stake a game that either doesn’t start or doesn’t...
Young woman holding one hand on her ear and listening / Junge Frau hält eine Hand ans Ohr und lauscht

3 Very Good Reasons to have Multiple Bookmaker Accounts

(1) Improving your mathematical ‘edge’ by always picking the best odds available: Every serious football bettor should have several bookmaker accounts at his disposal in order to pick and choose the best available prices. Having...