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Europa League: What happened here?

Translated excerpts from a thread in a German forum from yesterday (30.11.2011)… Only a snippet of yesterday's conversation in 13:48 – Akoya Hey com, I haven’t posted for a long time however for today I have 2 games...
Albino rat leaning on piles of coins / Albino Ratte stützt sich auf einen Stapel von Münzen

Soccerwidow Poll Results up to October 2011

Soccerwidow’s first reader poll is on the subject of whether there are people who actually make a living from betting. Image: panbazil (Shutterstock) Altogether, since February 2011, there have been over 100 replies in total from our...
Dollar notes and gun, mafia inspiration / Dollar-Banknoten und Pistole, Mafia Inspiration

Football Betting Scandal: Match Fixing

Match-fixing on the rise, 24 countries affected say experts Reuters, Berlin, 9.2.2011 Some 24 European countries have been affected by match-fixing and up to 100 games have been manipulated in the past five months alone, said a betting watchdog...