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Europa League: What happened here?

Translated excerpts from a thread in a German forum from yesterday (30.11.2011)…

Only a snippet of yesterday's conversation in

13:48 – Akoya
Hey com,
I haven’t posted for a long time however for today I have 2 games which have 99% chance to win (secret source) sorry I cannot tell from where
I’ll bet with tipico 6000 € on 2 games

2 fold combination bet
Today 19:00
Celtic Glasgow – Atletico Madrid
pick 2
Today 19:00
NK Maribor – Club Brügge
pick 2

I can only advise to follow this tip. I know that half of your are not going to believe but who believes will get today a beautiful profit
Much luck to you ;9

14:27 – D4rki85
The counter shows that this is your first contribution, pal, 😀 nevertheless, I wish you good luck…
I believe that there will be football played tonight and I got this from a secret source ^^

14:29 – BosnaCologne
The Daum called me and said I should bet on Brügge.
And from Diego I just received a SmS that he is going to score tonight so I already sold my house and risked everything on these two tips

17:47 – Eljero_Elia
I’m following the tip

19:05 – kimimaro91
How would it be if you would take a picture of your 6000€ stake?
I would love to see that!

20:13 – Nitram
Come on Brügge ……

20:14 – Eljero_Elia
somebody probably just lost 6k, or not…

20:20 – D4rki85
I don’t know why all of you make silly jokes … clearly 6000 € is ridiculous, but Brügge is the favorite… and there are probably many bets on them… =)

20:29 – Wrisse
Clear, they were favorite however to bet 6.000 € is simply crass and then the reason he gave is amusing! If he really put this money on them then I take everything back!
3:0 Maribor!

20:33 – FeiHung
Anyhow I would have a strong word with my secret sources and give them my opinion, they have apparently not much notion. I even considered whether to go along, however I fortunately decided differently and I was rather uncertain with Atletico.
Edit: Although I didn’t follow it really annoys me that somebody arrives here in the forum with secret sources and 99% guarantee. This is simply bullshit.

20:37 – Wrisse
I remember Sepahan, actually a good tipster, who unfortunately sometimes overdid his patriotism and self over-estimation destroyed him!
But we can rail a lot and it’s not really my thing therefore let’s focus ahead!
Now’ it’s 3:2 for Maribor!

20:39 – Eljero_Elia
this will end 3-4.

20:40 – Nike99
Then I’ll even believe in the source

20:40 – Barca-Barca-Barca
No way. There is nothing left in Brügge.

20:41 – vivahannover
I just bet live 3 euro on Brügge odds 15

20:41 – Vagner
You bugger!

20:42 – ElfVomNiederrhein
3:3 foul play?
I don’t mind but this one user cannot have so much luck and honestly, the whole thing is a little odd

20:42 – Eljero_Elia
F*** me!, 3-3. If the game is really fixed then why didn’t he bet 6000 € live in play, the odds were 50!

20:44 – Barca-Barca-Barca
Why did they have to wait until 0:3 before starting to score?

20:49 – vivahannover
free kick Brügge

20:49 – Vagner
I’m fainting

20:49 – Ladimore
Something stinks, guys!

20:50 – ElfVomNiederrhein

20:50 – pogo1994
There is the 3:4 – I don’t believe it!

20:51 – FCdany
Honestly. if the guy bet 6000 €, then I can only say congratulations

20:52 – Pibe_de_oro
this whole matter is very suspicious, somebody arrives here with first post, places 6k, and the game turns!
Anyway, nice gesture of him to share this, but the only thing which is ‘round’ here is probably the ball.

22:14 – el_sloveno
Whoever saw the game watched a one-sided game for 70 minutes as there was no threat at all from Club Brugge and then all of a sudden, our players invited them to score goals. In all 4 strikes Maribor was outnumbered in the penalty area!!! How can a team after winning 3:0 not close out the game as every other team would do?

Akoya, please continue to inform us, you proved that you have good sources!

Above dialogue is an excerpt from a thread in Here the source: Transfermarkt (German).

Maribor vs club Brugge on 30.11.2011 – pre-arranged result?!?

Celtic vs Atletico Madrid on 30.11.2011 – pre-arranged result?!?

I’m lost for words!!! Perhaps someone can enlighten me?

Last Update: 1 December 2011

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