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You can download the TVUPlayer from the following site: TVU Player Download

Here, you have a choice of EXE or ZIP file and you will also see that the software is compatible with either format, PC or Mac (scroll down the page to see the Mac download options).

Here is a screenshot of the TVUPlayer console (again, forgive the out of focus moving picture…):

TVUPlayer Console

(2) P2P Free Football Streaming Web Sites of Note

There are a couple of sites I regularly use and both are user-friendly and most of the time pretty reliable:


Both sites offer full schedules of live streaming football matches.

On Livefootballstream, the direct link to soccer matches is via clicking on the football tab on the home page. Click on the game you wish to view and more often than not, the match will appear in a new window and begin playing after a short buffering time. The only annoying thing about this site is the pop-up adverts that appear now and then. This site is based in Norway.

(3) Proxy Servers

If a match is being shown live by one of your panel of bookmakers and it is unavailable to view in your territory, then using a Proxy Server to view it may be a workable solution. Basically, this is a method of hiding or disguising your computer’s IP address so that the web site you are viewing does not associate your computer with your country of origin and therefore block you from watching exclusive content.

This may work with some bookmakers but with others, the address you use to subscribe to their sites may ultimately be used to block you from domestic matches. A Proxy Server may therefore not be of much use in this situation.

The most useful proxy server service we have found is HideIPVPN.

Check out our dedicated article on this service for more information.

Well that’s just about it for this article. As ever, remember not to rely on the streams for your betting as the picture can sometimes be minutes behind reality and the quality of the feed and picture will depend on how fast and stable your internet connection is.

One last tip: it is wise to log-on to the match you want to view plenty of time in advance especially if it is a popular, or a big game. If you are connected perhaps half an hour before kick-off, then taking all the other things into consideration, you can generally guarantee that your feed will remain connected and reliable.

Thanks for reading and happy viewing!

Last Update: 20 February 2011

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