Historical Data: Fixture Results and Bookmaker Odds

Whoever wishes to become a serious gambler and start winning money, or even dreams of making a living from betting, needs to analyse some historical data.

A source in the Internet which is simply a gold mine is www.Football-Data.co.uk. Here you will finds fixture results and bookmaker odds going back to 1993/1994 (up to 18 years of information!) available for downloading as Excel spreadsheets.

This source contains data for eleven different European football leagues:

Countries football-data

Unfortunately, the abbreviations in the tables are somewhat difficult to understand and I have spent a while finding out what each term means. However, this is really the only challenge with the data from Football-Data.co.uk. Otherwise the data is just perfect and error-free (I made a few checks) and an invaluable source of data.

The following table lists the abbreviations:

Abbreviations football-data

Last Update: 24 February 2011

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