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Funny & Bizarre You Tube Football Videos

We have come up with an amusing bunch of funny & bizarre You Tube football videos worth sharing.

The following journey will take you through the realms of amazing tricks and feats, bizarre real game situations, hilarious goal celebrations, penalty kick melodramas in the Twilight Zone of football, and a deal of black humour thrown in for good measure.

Soccer fan sitting on sofa with beer at homeImage: Sergey Peterman (Shutterstock)

Please use the comments section at the bottom of the article to tell us which are your personal favourites. If you have seen any others worthy of mention we would also love to hear your recommendations.

To watch the videos again (and we are sure some will warrant repeated viewings), just refresh the play arrow in the bottom left hand corner of each (otherwise you will have to reload the page).


Video Notes: Adjust the picture quality at the bottom of the screen above by clicking on the ⚙ button (to the left of the YouTube logo), then click on ‘Quality’ and choose a higher resolution as desired. Go to full screen mode by clicking on the box symbol (to the right of the YouTube logo).

Part A: Ultimate Penalties

1) For The Only Time in History: The Successful Blindfolded Rabona Penalty

This is a guy named Pekka Sihvola who plays for HIFK in the Finnish top-flight. It’s an easy goal as the goalkeeper even acknowledges Pekka’s “ready?” signal by raising his own arm (to a blindfolded man). Let’s be honest, a ‘keeper with this little appreciation for the situation has no chance of saving anything, let alone a soft Rabona.

Anyway, you shouldn’t try this at home without medical supervision close to hand or close to…whatever. We don’t believe that anyone has yet told Pekka Sihvola that the Rabona technique is actually nicknamed the ‘pecker shriveller’ or, ‘no boner’! Believe us, if you thought getting your knickers in a twist was bad enough, then imagine what if…no, let’s not even go there.

2) Better than Le Tissier

This looks like an ordinary penalty when you first see it but you know there is something not quite right when the goalkeeper immediately gets up and starts whinging to the referee about some element of foul play. Sorry mate, “you wuz gubbed!”.

Excellent technique from Ezequiel Calvente, a spaniard currently plying his trade with Debrecen in the Hungarian top flight.

3) Saw this coming

Theyab Awana telegraphs his intentions to an equally useless goalkeeper so everyone thinks, but little do we realise that the poor fellow between the sticks is a triskaidekaphobia sufferer and has been for years…

Part B: Things to tell your Grandchildren about…

4) “My left foot” by Shunsuke Nakamura

Nakamura is now approaching the end of a long career in his second spell with J-League team Yokohama. You will probably remember him from World Cup appearances for Japan and several seasons at Celtic where his free-kick technique was lauded. Do you remember that special goal in the Champions League against Manchester United at Old Trafford? In short, his left foot is golden and here he is asked to prove it.

It is relatively easy to hit a moving target in clay pigeon or skeet shooting with a scattergun (if you have any ability with firearms). Here, Nakamura’s shooting skill requires the absolute precision of a footballing sniper, especially so as time is a factor.

This vid features the over-dubbed voice of a Rab C. Nesbitt sound-a-like and we apologise to all non-UK viewers who will not have a clue what is being said. However, if the video had been left unadulterated in its original Japanese form then none of us would have any idea. Banzai! Betting ends.

5) “My right foot” by David Beckham

Golden balls is just the coolest of cucumbers and United fans definitely regret he did not stay longer at Old Trafford.

Here he is on a US beach, barefoot, teaching the Americans how to play ‘football’, not ‘soccer’. (Well, was already taken…by an American ‘football’ site!).

The first time you watch this one you can be forgiven for also thinking “woah” and “no freakin’ way!” To be honest we are still not 100% sure whether this video is authentic as what he does here is surely…impossible…isn’t it? Are we talking 3-balls or G-balls here?

Whatever already. This one is more about Becks’ modesty afterwards and the feeling you get that he is uncomfortable in the presence of Americans. I mean he only went over there for the big bucks right?

Part C: Paying the Ultimate Penalty

6) Agony

You’ve seen it all before. Vital penalty in the shootout to decide the match. Up comes the striker and…useless…he misses! To attract sympathy he goes down like he’s been shot whilst the goalie runs to the touchline in true Tardelli fashion to celebrate with his manager.

But hang on just one goddamn minute there, boy..!

Even if you understand not a single word of Italian, you will be able to decipher exactly what is being said in the subtitles during the action replay. This is a piece of slow-mo genius guaranteed to inflict simultaneous pain and pleasure on the watcher!

7) Ecstacy

You just have to watch this one – we can’t explain it without giving the game away but rest assured, a team always has a tendency to be vulnerable when they have just scored a goal.

At least his team-mates were philosophical about it afterwards!

This one had us laughing dirty as a drain like Sid James!!!

Last Update: 14 April 2013

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