Top 50 Quotes about Gambling, Luck and Money

In most betting shops you will see
three windows marked “Bet Here”,
but only one window with the legend “Pay Out”.

Jeffrey Bernard
(1932-1997; English journalist, magazine columnist, and chronic alcoholic)
Slot machines in the Palazzo Hotel in Las VegasSlot machines in the Palazzo Hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Las Vegas (Nick_Nick | Shutterstock)
Show me a wealthy gambler
and I’ll show you someone
who has made his money
from something other than gambling.

Terrence Murphy, a.k.a. “VP Pappy”
(*1937; American freelance writer)
A gambler never
makes the same mistake twice.
It’s usually three or more times.

Terrence Murphy, a.k.a. “VP Pappy”
(*1937; American freelance writer)
A gambler plays even
when the odds are
immutable and against him.

Roger “Lou Krieger” Lubin
(1938-2012, professional poker player and author)
You’ll always miss 100% of the shots
you don’t take.

Wayne Gretzky
(*1961; Canadian former professional ice hockey player and head coach)
One of the healthiest ways to gamble
is with a spade
and a package of garden seeds.

Dan Bennett
(*1962; American comedian and juggler)
I love blackjack.
But I’m not addicted to gambling.
I’m addicted to sitting in a semi circle.

Mitch Hedberg
(1968-2005; American stand-up comedian)
Last year people won
more than one billion dollars playing poker.
And casinos made twenty-seven billion
just by being around those people.

Samantha Bee
(*1969; Canadian comedic actress)
Gambling is the future on the internet.
You can only look
at so many dirty pictures.

Simon Noble
(*1971; English marketing wizard who co-founded,
the first online sportsbook)
In the casino,
the cardinal rule is
to keep them playing
and to keep them coming back.
The longer they play,
the more they lose,
and in the end, we get it all…

[Quote from the movie, “Casino”]
Robert De Niro
(*1943; American actor, director, producer, and voice actor)

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    This is probably the best compilation of gambling quotes that I’ve seen, great job!

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    Great quotes, all of them are inspiring and real. People must really know when to quit. Thanks.

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