Top 50 Quotes about Gambling, Luck and Money

The urge to gamble
is so universal
and its practice so pleasurable,
that I assume it must be evil.

Heywood Broun
(1888-1939; American sportswriter, newspaper columnist, and editor)

Jockey Martin Garcia pilots "Stirred Up" at Santa Anita Race Track
Jockey Martin Garcia pilots “Stirred Up” (second from right) to his first win
at Santa Anita Race Track on March 3, 2012 in Arcadia, CA. (Cheryl Ann Quigley | Shutterstock )

You don’t gamble to win.
You gamble so you can
gamble the next day.

Bert Ambrose
(1896-1971; English bandleader and violinist)
One of the worst things
that can happen to you in life
is to win a bet on a horse
at an early age.

Danny McGoorty
(1901-1970; American pool and billiards hustler)
A race track is a place
where windows clean people.

Danny Thomas
(1912-1991; American nightclub comedian, actor and producer)
My advice to the unborn is,
don’t be born with a gambling instinct
unless you have a good sense of probabilities.

Jack Dreyfus
(1913-2009; American financial expert)
Gambling is a way
of buying hope on credit.

Alan Wykes
(1914-1993; English author of The Complete Illustrated Guide to Gambling)
A dollar won is twice as sweet
as a dollar earned…

[Quote from the movie, “The Color of Money”]
Paul Newman
(1925-2008; American actor, film director, and entrepreneur)
The guy who invented poker was bright,
but the guy who invented the chip
was a genius.

Julius Weintraub, a.k.a. “Big Julie”
(1919-1997; American jeweler, philanthropist, and gambler)
Horse racing is animated roulette.
Roger Kahn
(*1927; American sports editor and author)
A man’s gotta make
at least one bet a day
else he could be walking around lucky
and never know it.

Jim Jones
(1931-1978; American religious cult leader)

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    This is probably the best compilation of gambling quotes that I’ve seen, great job!

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    Great quotes, all of them are inspiring and real. People must really know when to quit. Thanks.

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