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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Wizard with glowing magical orb / Zauberer mit glühender magischer Kugel

Soccerwidow’s Value Betting Results: 109 bets, from 07/12/2011 to 31/03/2012

Patience and persistence is paying off. Since December 2011, Soccerwidow has published regular match previews and betting recommendations mostly for English Premier League and German Bundesliga 1 games in the German language Betfair blog. For...
Financial reports, calculator and pen / Finanzberichte, Taschenrechner und Stift

Similarities and Differences between Stock Trading and Football Betting

Analysing Investments In the stock market there is a rule of thumb: Buy shares when the stock chart heads in a direction from bottom left to top right, and don’t burn your fingers when the curve is falling from top left to bottom right. Whether...
Hedgehog carries hundred Euro note / Igel trägt einen hundert Euroschein

Soccerwidow Poll Results up to March 2012

Following October’s first review of the Soccerwidow poll, here is the latest set of figures in answer to the question, “Do our readers make money from betting?“. Image: April Cat (Shutterstock) So far, up to the end of February...
Golden piggy bank standing out from the others / Goldenes Sparschwein zwischen vielen anderen

Sharp Betting: Sports Betting as a Permanent Source of Income

Fortune Favours the Educated: There are only three guaranteed ways of making regular, long-term profits from betting: Arbitrage Trading (Both requiring large numbers of transactions for a steady drip-feed) ‘Sharp’ or ‘Value’...