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Soccerwidow Poll Results up to March 2012

Following October’s first review of the Soccerwidow poll, here is the latest set of figures in answer to the question, “Do our readers make money from betting?“.

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So far, up to the end of February 2012, 179 German and 135 English language readers have kindly replied, making a total of 314 votes.

Assuming all the online votes in this poll have been truthfully registered, the majority of participants belong to the group forming the backbone of the betting industry, in other words, the ‘losers’, without whom the whole world of gambling would not exist.

44.69% of the German speaking readers who voted indicated that they lose more money than they win and in the English version of the blog this number is higher (despite fewer total votes) at 58.52%:

Do you make money from betting during a year?

English Language Blog Results up to 01.03.2012

Verdienen Sie Geld mit Wetten?

German Language Blog Results up to 01.03.2012

The indication of 43 readers (28 German and 15 English, or 13.7% in total), stating that they make a living from betting is open to question as this is a relatively high percentage. It would be very difficult for the betting industry to survive if more than one in every tenth player claimed enough winnings to live from betting.

There is of course the possibility that the few people who do say they are successful with betting are in fact only moderately so, perhaps they don’t keep good enough records to actually show themselves they are not, but enjoy exaggerating their few successes. In contrast, those who lose regularly may not wish to admit this fact and will also talk up their own stock. It is therefore possible that voters with these psyches are bending the survey results to some degree.

Another possibility is that some answers originate from countries where just a few Euros a day are sufficient for ‘living’?

Furthermore, the results may be distorted by a design fault in the survey itself or, the fact that some answers have come from people who work in the betting industry and derive their income from people who bet, rather than betting themselves. Lastly, there is always the possibility that some of the results are tainted by malevolent people giving false answers.

Even if the poll holds no scientific significance, it does give quite a clear picture that the vast majority of bettors admit to losing more money than they win.

For the time being, we will keep the poll running and promise to update our readers with fresh results in the near future.

Thanks to all who have taken the time to register a vote.

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Last Update: 24 March 2012

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