Best 50 Controversial and Inspirational Soccer Quotes

Sometimes in soccer
you have to score goals.

Thierry Daniel Henry
(*1977, French footballer currently playing for
New York Red Bulls in Major League Soccer)
A soccer ball bursts through the screen of a smart phone - Soccer Quote: Britain has bred many great explorers, but they seem to get so little coverage compared to soccer players - Lewis William Gordon PughImage: Kaonos (Shutterstock)
I need a life outside of soccer.
So I very much welcome, you know,
new love interests and dating
and friends and family.

Hope Amelia Solo
(*1981: American soccer goalkeeper and Olympic gold medallist)
What I learned from directing,
I learned from soccer,
where it’s like
a coach-player relationship.

Sean Durkin
(*1981: American film director)
Life is like a game of soccer.
You need goals.
If there are no goals in your life
then you can’t win.

Unknown Author
Soccer is not just
about scoring goals.
It’s about winning.

Unknown Author
Soccer Quote: Soccer isn’t just a game anymore… It’s a lifestyle!Collage of Shutterstock images; Foreground: Velychko, Background: Nomad_Soul
Give a man a soccer ball,
he plays for a moment.
Teach a man to play soccer,
he plays for a life time.

Unknown Author
To me, soccer is so much more
than a ball and two goals;
it connects people from
all of the corners of the world.

Unknown Author
Why is there only one ball
for 22 players?
If you gave a ball to each of them,
they’d stop fighting for it.

Unknown Author
My boyfriend told me
to choose between him and soccer…
I’m really gonna miss him!

Unknown Author
Soccer isn’t just a game anymore…
It’s a lifestyle!

Unknown Author

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5 Responses to “Best 50 Controversial and Inspirational Soccer Quotes”

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    Galeano’s one is hilarious, but he is right.

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    soccer and life is like the same thing you can’t score alone you need help in life you can’t accomplish everything alone you need help from your friends and families.

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    Omelettes, eggs. No eggs, no omelettes. – Jose Mourinho. Truly inspiring.

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    My favorite has to be: “I would say that I am having less sex now that I’m playing in Serie B – there is more to think about in this division.” – Gianluigi Buffon

    Great quotes!

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    I love this quote…

    In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.
    (George Best)

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