Best 50 Controversial and Inspirational Soccer Quotes

International football is
the continuation of war
by other means.

Eric Arthur Blair
(1903-1950: better known by his pen name, George Orwell;
English novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic)
Large group of bandaged and bruised soccer fans each carrying a different European flag - Soccer Quote: International football is the continuation of war by other means - Eric Arthur BlairImage: Luis Louro (Shutterstock)
In football everything i
s complicated by the presence
of the opposite team.

Jean-Paul Charles Aymard Sartre
(1905-1980: French philosopher, novelist, and literary critic)
In football,
the worst blindness
is only seeing the ball.

Nelson Falcão Rodrigues
(1912-1980: Brazilian playwright, journalist, and novelist)
The trouble with referees is
that they know the rules,
but they do not know the game.

William “Bill” Shankly
(1913-1981: Scottish footballer and famous manager of Liverpool FC)
I know more about soccer
than about politics.

James “Harold” Wilson, Baron Wilson of Rievaulx
(1916-1995: British Labour Party politician who served as Prime Minister of the UK)
Five days shalt thou labour,
as the Bible says.
The seventh day
is the Lord thy God’s.
The sixth day is for football.

John Anthony Burgess Wilson
(1917-1993: better known as Anthony Burgess, English writer)
The roots of our Soccer Tribe
lie deep in our primeval past.

Desmond John Morris
(*1928: English zoologist, ethologist,
surrealist painter, and human sociobiology author)
How could you have
a soccer team
if all were goalkeepers?
How would it be an orchestra
if all were French horns?

Desmond Mpilo Tutu
(*1931: South African social rights activist
and retired Anglican bishop)
The rules of soccer are very simple,
basically it is this:
if it moves, kick it.
If it doesn’t move,
kick it until it does.

Phillip Abraham “Phil” Woosnam
(1932-2013: Welsh former Association football inside-right and manager)
The first 90 minutes
are the most important.

Sir Robert William “Bobby” Robson
(1933-2009: English footballer and football manager)
At last England
have appointed a manager
who speaks English better
than the players.

Brian Howard Clough
on the appointment of the Swede, Sven Goran Eriksson, as England manager
(1935-2004: English footballer and manager; TV pundit)

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5 Responses to “Best 50 Controversial and Inspirational Soccer Quotes”

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    Galeano’s one is hilarious, but he is right.

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    soccer and life is like the same thing you can’t score alone you need help in life you can’t accomplish everything alone you need help from your friends and families.

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    Omelettes, eggs. No eggs, no omelettes. – Jose Mourinho. Truly inspiring.

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    My favorite has to be: “I would say that I am having less sex now that I’m playing in Serie B – there is more to think about in this division.” – Gianluigi Buffon

    Great quotes!

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    I love this quote…

    In 1969 I gave up women and alcohol – it was the worst 20 minutes of my life.
    (George Best)

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