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Betting Apps – The Future of Online Gambling

The growth of the market for smartphones seems to have no end in sight. Mobile devices are becoming more and more advanced and, gradually, ‘normal’ mobile phones are being replaced by smartphones or tablets.

Little wonder, therefore, that bookmakers see great potential in mobile devices…

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Thus, bets can now be placed from anywhere, not only from home or the betting shop around the corner. You can now even place a bet on the way to a sports event. This is where sports betting mobile apps come in very handy.

Simply pick up your phone and place your bet!

Where do I find a Good Overview of Available Apps?

Of course, many bookmakers already have free apps to download but identifying them can be difficult. Why should this be?

Simply that Google doesn’t allow gambling apps in its Play Store, and Android dominates the market with a 78.0% share (1st quarter 2015). The discerning bettor who is pretty likely be using an Android mobile device therefore has little choice but to search from bookmaker to bookmaker to find an app he or she feels comfortable with.

Do all Bookies offer Apps? (Information as per June 2015)

Today’s sports betting apps usually involve the complete betting program of that particular bookmaker, with all the features and betting options corresponding to the home pages of their desktop version. However, a good app not only has a betting program, but also includes an extensive earnings and statistics section.

The operation of apps is solved by the providers differently. In many cases, it’s enough to go to the website of the sports betting provider via an Internet browser on your smartphone, and often no download is required. The website usually adapts to the technical requirements of your device.

This has the vital advantage that customers can switch from iPhone to Android without changing the on-screen appearance of their favourite sports betting provider. These mobile versions are hardly distinguishable from the desktop appearance and many people may therefore prefer this option.

And people are creatures of habit. It is already challenging to switch from one device to another but, if the programs on the devices are different, headaches may ensue!

Other betting providers have developed apps that can be downloaded either from their websites or in the iPhone Store but, unfortunately, not from the Google Play Store.

The research and development (R&D)departments of most sports betting providers are busy working on apps but you can be sure there are still many betting providers who defy the mobile trend and restrict themselves to the desktop market.

Is Live Betting Possible via Apps?

Live betting is an important part of all apps, if not the key point. Sports betting fans watch games from anywhere: at home; in bars; in the stadium. For many people the fun and excitement of gambling lies in live betting whilst watching the event in question. Bookies would be foolish not to develop apps specifically for this purpose.

Most bookmakers’ apps are therefore equipped with a complete live, in-play facility including extensive special betting markets.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Betting?

The advantages of mobile apps are obvious. You can bet or manage your betting accounts at any time whilst separated from your computer. No need to sit in front of a home PC or laptop, or find the nearest Internet café.

Those days are over. Mobile bets can be placed quickly and easily at any time, in your lunch break, on the way to work, at the bus station, or at the stadium.

Another plus, of course, are the special bonus programs, which guarantee a completely risk-free gaming experience, at least for the first few bets.

With every upside there are also downsides; some people call them ‘negative side effects’, such as spending too much time glued to the phone, placing bets without thinking about them beforehand, running out of battery power in mid transaction, and so on. Just be careful.

Can I Register with a Bookmaker via the App?

Mobile apps offer all the functions provided by the bookmakers for their desktop PC and Mac customers.

This means that new clients can of course register directly via the app and open betting accounts. If you are lucky, then there are often two bonus options to choose from, the regular bonus and the premium bonus for your first mobile bet.

Without question, you can manage your entire account using just mobile apps. You can make deposits and withdrawals, contact customer service, and everything else you would normally access via a traditional website.

How many Bets are completed on Bookmaker Apps?

The numbers of bets placed via apps is eye opening. More than 30% of worldwide gambling revenue is generated through mobile betting.

Some betting apps have three-digit percentage rate growth per annum. Some providers already make 40% of their sales via mobile apps. The number of bets is even higher and often reaches the magical 50% mark from mobile devices.

In-play or live betting produces even greater trends. Around 80% of all sales for real-time bets are now placed from mobile devices.

And this is an upward trend. It is very likely that in the near future all savvy bookmakers will receive most of their revenue through mobile applications.

How Will Mobile Gambling Develop in the Next Few Years?

The numbers speak for themselves. The trend is clearly favouring mobile betting. The new generation is unlikely to sit for too long on their home computer, preferring instead to glue themselves to mobile online devices such as smartphones.

It can be expected that annual growth rates are likely to continue to stay in triple digits for sometime into the future.

Since R&D departments are always working on new app versions and variants, the development of the mobile sports betting market should continue to be exciting for some time to come. There will be Apps which work by entering your desired odds and/or winnings. Apps will automatically pick your games to bet on. The ‘Shake-A-Bet’ app by William Hill is a technical pioneer in this area.

Shake-A-Bet went live in December 2010 and was created to help acquire and retain new gamers and gamblers. By simply picking how much users want to bet and how much they aim to win, the app finds popular selections in relevant events taking place in the next couple of days. Due to territorial restrictions and gambling laws, the app utilises GeoLocation to ensure users are based in the UK.

A Little Tip

Some bookmakers also offer generous extra bonuses to existing customers who opt for their sports betting app. Please don’t forget to claim them as they are often only granted immediately after the installation of the application, and not necessary advertised.

Last Update: 5 June 2016

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