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1X2 System Betting: Key Articles – HDAFU Tables

System betting using a portfolio of strategies from several different leagues is for most people a difficult subject to master.

The following series of key articles is aimed at helping you fully understand the fundamentals of profitable 1X2 portfolio betting using our revolutionary HDAFU Tables.

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(1) Introductory Articles
(2) Building Profitable Portfolios of Bets
(3) The Scale of Rewards on Offer
(4) The Mechanics of the HDAFU Tables
(5) All Other Important Matters


(1) Introductory Articles

Puppy watching goldfish jumping into a bowl

Football Betting System Concepts

Explore the realities of constructing promising betting strategies together with the mathematical expectations involved.

The absolute basics of system betting.

Learn the principles of acceptable accuracy, and the advantages of filtering a data set for a targeted, more successful approach to football betting. << read more >>

Illustration of an Inflection Point graph

Why Inflection Points are Vital

An inflection point is a point in a profit/loss line graph where the curve changes direction, either from rising to falling or vice versa.

What does this have to do with betting?

Inflection point graphs are the heart of our HDAFU Tables and highlight the various profit and loss areas visually. It is then easy to identify where significant changes from either profits to losses, or from losses to profits occur. The turning points in each curve indicate the natural cut-off points in the odds or odds quotients showing us where to bet (in profitable areas only) and where to stop (before entering unprofitable zones). << read more >>

Snowbound football pitch seen from the back of the net

Why Mid-season Breaks Matter

The HDAFU Tables contain automated analyses from three different perspectives: the whole of season analysis; the first half of season analysis; the second half of season analysis.

Why is it important to split the analyses in this fashion?

Especially in leagues with distinct mid-season or winter breaks, statistics are sometimes vastly different in each half of a season. Explore why this should be and why it is good sense to analyse historical statistics in this much detail. << read more >>


(2) Building Profitable Portfolios of Bets

HDAFU Table System Picker Tab Illustration

Finding Systems using the HO/AO Quotient

HO/AO means home odds divided by the away odds, and the resultant figure is known as a quotient. In order to identify the likely outcome of a future game, an historical benchmark of some description has to be used.

But why use the HO/AO Quotient?

The HO/AO quotient is by far the most powerful method of clustering groups of matches together for comparison purposes based on the perceived strength of the teams involved in a match. Because the ratios between the home and away odds don’t alter that dramatically during ante post it is a more reliable benchmark than using a comparison of each team’s odds alone. << read more >>

Judging the Risk of a Football Betting Portfolio

Risk and reward are inherently linked and their relationship should be thoroughly understood before committing money to any betting adventure.

How risky are my individual systems or my portfolio in general?

Gain control over your portfolio with a grounding in risk diversification and learn the relationships between its likely hit rate, winning and losing streaks and potential yield in order to gauge the overall risk involved. << read more >>

Flat Staking Profit and Loss Curve Illustration

Sound Staking Strategies

Learn about the different results of flat staking, and ratcheting with a stop-loss mechanism.

What are the differences between flat and progressive staking?

When things are going well, ramp up the stakes! And choose a stop-loss percentage of bank to haul the stake size back in when your campaign hits a sticky patch. << read more >>

Distribution of Bets by Bookmaker Illustration

Bank Management and Stake Size

No one bookmaker or betting exchange will give you best price (or close to it) every time. For best results, a portfolio of accounts is needed.

But how large should the initial starting bank and stakes be?

Find out what the optimum stake size should be for any size of starting bank and how to divide and manage the money in your various bookmaker and betting exchange accounts. << read more >>

Winning and Losing Sequences Calculations

Calculating Winning and Losing Streaks

A specialist article detailing the calculations to establish longest expected winning and losing streaks.

Why is this important?

In addition to explicit formulas to help you calculate the maximum expected winning and losing streaks, the relationship between these and the size of the initial starting bank is explored. The article comes with a free ‘examination paper’ download so you can test yourself until it becomes second nature. << read more >>

Interrupted Betting Campaign Results Illustration

Starting or Pausing in the Middle of a Season

Can I afford a break and then restart the campaign again after a holiday? And what happens if I miss the start of the season or the start of the first or second half?

Does a campaign require ‘whole Season’ betting?

So long as you play with mathematical advantage on your side, a betting campaign can be started at anytime during the year/season. You can also take one or more breaks and resume again whenever you wish. Or just quit when you have reached a predetermined target. << read more >>


(3) The Scale of Rewards on Offer

2017-18 Winter League Campaign Results Graph

2017-18 Winter League Report – 35k in 138 Days

Our own campaign report on the 2017-18 Winter League season encompassing 138 match days.

Comes with an Excel workbook download (paid) detailing all systems in use and each individual bet.

A full league-by-league report detailing how the profits were achieved and showing the ratcheting system in action to improve results exponentially beyond a flat staking approach. << read more >>

2016-17 Winter League Campaign Results Graph

2016-17 Winter League Report – 20k in 214 days

Our own campaign report on the 2016-17 Winter League season encompassing 214 match days.

Comes with an Excel workbook download (paid) detailing all systems in use and each individual bet.

A full league-by-league report detailing how the profits were achieved using flat stakes only. The Excel workbook also simulates what would have been achieved with basic ratcheting and stop-loss mechanisms in place. << read more >>

2016 Summer League Campaign Results Graph

2016 Summer League Report – 10k in 178 days

Our own campaign report on the 2016 Summer League season encompassing 178 match days.

Comes with an Excel workbook download (free) detailing all systems in use and each individual bet.

A full league-by-league report detailing how the profits were achieved using flat stakes only. << read more >>


(4) The Mechanics of the HDAFU Tables

Signpost with multiple direction arrows

Summer and Winter League Calendar

Date information for every league brought together in one place so that you don’t miss a match.

Are the mid-season breaks mentioned?

Yes, here you will find the start and end dates of each half of each league season together with notes on excluded matches, if applicable. (Usually, most end-of-season play-off games are excluded unless they include every team in that league). << read more >>

Oddsportal Settings Screenshot

Understanding the Settings in Oddsportal

To identify which games to bet on in the leagues of your choice, you will need access to a live odds comparison site. is by far the most comprehensive odds comparison site on the Net at present.

A guided tour around the Oddsportal website including detailed summaries of how to handle each of its settings. << read more >>

Table showing the calculation of odds toggle figures

Understanding the Odds Toggle Function

The Odds Toggle is an important feature of the HDAFU Tables and allows you to adjust the results of each simulation.

Why would I wish to adjust the figures?

As the HDAFU Tables are powered by bookmaker odds, you may wish to simulate betting exchange results by inputting an adjustment figure in the System Picker tab. You will also find there a commission rate input feature. Adding figures to these fields will automatically change the simulations across the entire workbook. << read more >>


(5) All Other Important Matters

HDAFU Tables - Frequently Asked Questions - Pre-sales

FAQ’s – Before Purchasing HDAFU Tables

A selection of reader’s questions answered in full.

Product-specific, general, and online store checkout questions answered.

Everything you need to know before purchasing your first HDAFU Table. << read more >>

HDAFU Tables - Frequently Asked Questions - After-sales

FAQ’s – HDAFU Table Owners

A selection of user’s questions answered in full.

Bet timing, troublshooting, and miscellaneous questions answered.

A selection of user questions to further help you understand the nature of the product you have purchased. << read more >>

Businessman shooting himself metaphorically in the head

The Gambler’s Worst Enemy: Emotions!

It takes a particular mindset to be a successful gambler.

But isn’t compiling a very promising system enough?

Unemotional follow-through is vital to the success of any betting strategy. Explore the worst of what can happen if your nerves of steel turn to rust and you allow emotions to get the better of you! << read more >>


Hopefully this article provides a logical walk-through the mechanics and the power of Soccerwidow’s HDAFU Tables.

However, if you still have questions or would like to share with other readers your experiences of using the tables, please use the comments section below.

It’s an opportunity to blow your own trumpet or let off a bit of steam! 🙂

>>> buy your hdafu tables <<<

Last Update: 28 September 2019

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