Review and Tips: MarketFeeder Pro – Betfair Bot

Risks when using ‘Bots’ such as MarketFeeder

As already mentioned MarketFeeder, once set up, operates automatically and does not require the presence of the operator. This is an enormous advantage, since you can spend your time with other things and even cover holiday periods and weekends out.

The largest risks are power failures, unstable or slow Internet, and perhaps software errors or outages at Betfair (which hardly happen, but as I write on 31 January 2011, Betfair’s site is down, undergoing maintenance).

Since MarketFeeder is just an automatically operating programme which simply executes whatever you tell it to, it is enormously important to enter ‘controls’ into all active triggers.

For example, that the trigger considers the time which passes between the individual market updates. If the time between updates exceeds more than ‘X’ milliseconds then you have to assume that something is wrong with your Internet connection and the trigger therefore must not execute.

If you are away from your computer for a longer period, then you may wish to install software which permits logging into your computer at home from a distance in order to halt MarketFeeder or some of your triggers.

A further safety precaution could be that you only leave in your Betfair account a certain amount of money so that should MarketFeeder not work correctly for any reason you do not risk losing everything. You should therefore log-in to Betfair from time to time and withdraw any profits from the account.

Can one actually make money using MarketFeeder?

Yes, you can! MarketFeeder is an enormously powerful tool and with time and patience real money can be earned.

However, as already mentioned the main condition is sound mathematical ability, experience and knowledge in developing formulas, and an enjoyment of statistics. MarketFeeder is not for beginners or people who hate maths and statistics, or who look for a quick win. It is more of a science.

You will not earn a lot of money overnight, and above all not at the beginning, but with time you will earn consistently and continuously. You should start a trigger with very small amounts and the trigger should be set to slowly increase the stakes (i.e. a ‘ratchet’ staking plan) as more money is earned. The more the bank increases the higher your betting stakes become. However, in my experience with some triggers, although they work absolutely fine with small stakes, sometimes difficulties occur when seeking a match-up for higher stakes.

It also makes sense to have separate Betfair accounts for each trigger which naturally means that you then need several MarketFeeder licences for the different user names. However, this pays off very fast and simplifies the statistics and monitoring process a lot and makes observation of the success or failure of a trigger much simpler.

If you think this is too much work then you should have at least two separate Betfair accounts; one where your successful triggers are working for you and the other for testing and monitoring new triggers in development.

MarketFeeder comes with extensive manuals and programming guidance, but as already said, there is a need to deeply understand and develop mathematical formulas in addition to carrying out extensive calculations and statistical analysis.

Last Update: 8 August 2012

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3 Responses to “Review and Tips: MarketFeeder Pro – Betfair Bot”

  1. 19 June 2016 at 10:13 am #

    Hello there.
    Does this work with our value bets?
    Do we have to feed in true odds from our excel calculation?

    Looking forward to a robot which can ease up a lot of work. Also lesser human betting errors.


    • 20 June 2016 at 8:17 am #

      MarketFeeder is good for in-play Betting, as well as for strategy betting. With the triggers you program a certain strategy which the bot is carrying our without the need of user interference.

  2. 1 December 2012 at 7:36 am #

    I use the sofware, but there are a few bugs that are so annoying and making the software crashing frequently.

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