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Cheerful soccer fan girl devoted to Germany / Frohsinniges Fußball-Fan-Mädchen Deutschland gewidmet

Who’s Going to Win the 50th German Bundesliga Title?

With just under 3 weeks to go until the start of the “Golden Jubilee” Bundesliga season we take a look at the 18 teams in contention for the title and statistically assess their chances of winning the Meisterschale next May. Defending...
Money printer with loads of bank notes / Gelddrucker mit vielen Banknoten

2011-2012 1X2 Betting System Review

Almost exactly a year ago Soccerwidow published the article Home–Draw–Away: HDA Systematic Betting and provided the following betting tips for the 2011-2012 English Premier League season: Back Fulham at home Back the Draw: Fulham away Back...
Crazy young scientist trying to break his alarm clock / Verrückter Wissenschaftler versucht, seinen Wecker zu zerschlagen

Euro 2012 Simulation – The Moment of Truth: Staking Plan Comparison

The Nutty Professors: Congratulations to those ‘mad’ scientists at the International School of Management (ISM) in Frankfurt and the German Sports University in Cologne whose predictions we followed throughout Euro 2012. Image:
Wizard with glowing magical orb / Zauberer mit glühender magischer Kugel

Soccerwidow’s Value Betting Results: 274 Bets, from 07/12/2011 to 30/06/2012

The end of the month has arrived once again and following 29 match analyses encompassing 67 more value bet recommendations, it is time for our usual reckoning. June was indeed an exceptional month realising a yield of 16.4%. The formulas and...
Group of tiny people walking into a gate shaped like a keyhole / Gruppe sehr kleiner Menschen läuft durch ein Tor in Schlüssellochform

How Long Until My Blog Reaches 1,000 Daily Visitors?

This is a question confronting many bloggers and whilst some achieve this goal faster than others, many never do. However, it certainly depends a lot upon the topic of the blog and how much time is put into it. One observation of mine is that...
Man and woman heads shown as percent sign / Köpfe von Mann und Frau dargestellt als Prozentzeichen

Are Odds at Betting Exchanges Always Better than with Bookmakers?

The answer to this question is unequivocally YES and only in rare or extenuating circumstances are odds in betting exchanges priced less than with a bookmaker. The reason is simple: If the ‘back’ price for an event with a bookmaker...
Woman leaning on a 0,- / Frau lehnt an einer 0, -

Google Adsense Clickers Must not Return to Source!

Although paradoxical, your Web site has to do everything possible to ensure that visitors who click on your Adsense adverts do not push the back button immediately, thus returning to your Web site. If they do this the advert click is wasted...
Octopus Fortune Teller with Crystal Ball / Octopus Wahrsager mit Kristallkugel

German Scientists Simulate Euro 2012

Something Fishy in Germany Again! If the prognosis of scientists from the International School of Management (ISM) in Frankfurt and the German Sport University Cologne is to be believed, then Euro 2012 will be nothing more than a re-run of the...
Gentleman sits cross legged in a chair with eyes closed and palms raised in a summoning pose / Mann sitzt im Schneidersitz auf einem Stuhl mit geschlossenen Augen in einer Beschwörungsstellung

The Challenge of Predicting Individual Events

Why is it so awfully difficult to predict single events accurately, when the synergy of multiple events aggregated together seems far easier to guess? Many people are able to predict how things will develop in their personal lives over a period...
Set of Manual Tools / Handwerkzeuge

Multilingual Ad Targeting & Positioning in WordPress

C’est facile, n’est-ce pas? This blog is not only a bilingual German and English site, but most of the adverts on it also fit the article topics and display in the correct language. For example, if you press F5 and reload a page...