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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Correct Assignment of Football Data to Levels of Measurement

In statistics, information is collected using qualitative or quantitative data. The collected data is then organised using scales or levels in order to classify the data correctly because not every set of data is of equal value and can be analysed...
Solitary woman in front of a giant soccer screen / Einsame Frau vor einem riesigen Bildschirm mit Fußballspieler

Top Live Video Streaming Betting Sites for Watching Football Matches

I have been watching football matches at all levels for almost 40 years. Despite not having played the game at any significant level above school or works teams I can usually tell within a few minutes of watching a televised game how balanced...
Soccer fan sitting on sofa with beer at home / Fußballfan sitzt auf Sofa mit Bier zu Hause

Funny & Bizarre You Tube Football Videos

We have come up with an amusing bunch of funny & bizarre You Tube football videos worth sharing. The following journey will take you through the realms of amazing tricks and feats, bizarre real game situations, hilarious goal celebrations,...
Money strategies concept - dollar bills on chess board / Geldstrategie Konzept - Dollarscheine auf einem Schachbrett

A Basic Understanding of Betting Exchanges

A betting exchange is not a bookmaker. They simply provide the Web site (platform) to allow logged-in members to bet against each other… Image: Nagy-Bagoly Arpad (Shutterstock) Betting Exchange Basics A betting exchange site is a platform...
Hand puts coins on money staircase / Hand legt Münzen auf Geldtreppe

Greening-Up In-Play at Betting Exchanges

Gambling ‘in play’ provides the opportunity of trading or hedging via betting exchange sites such as Betfair, Betdaq or Smarkets, where this type of strategy is known as greening-up (i.e. two or more transactions performed to produce a ‘green...