Demystifying Betting Myths
Statistics are the language of betting; learn to speak fluently, and the market will reveal its secrets.

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Video tutorial on how to download data spreadsheets from and sort them for functionality

Video Tutorial: Download Historical Football Data and Sort for Functionality in Excel

We are often asked for advice and shortcuts on how speed up the process of filling-in data in our various Value Bet Detectors such as the League Matches with Head-to-Head History spreadsheet. Here is our very own Soccerwidow with some Excel...
A school of fish with 3 fish swimming against the stream / 3 Fische, die gegen den Strom anderer Fische schwimmen

Successful Football Betting Using a Portfolio Strategy

In principle, football results are randomly distributed but the outcomes of games can be predicted fairly accurately using statistical modelling. This is contrary to other forms of gambling loaded in favour of the house such as lottery and roulette,...
Man with fork and money on the dish / Mann mit Gabel und Geld auf dem Teller

Bookmakers/ Bookies – What are Bookmakers?

A collection of definitions and explanations of “bookmakers” and “bookies” as found in dictionaries, encyclopedias and web sites. Dictionary definitions of bookmakers (Longman): book‧mak‧er also bookie (informal) Someone...
Man in the dark on the ladder seeking the exit / Mann in der Dunkelheit mit einer Leiter der Suche nach dem Ausgang

Why A Pinnacle Account Is Essential

If you are looking to back home, draw or away then usually Pinnacle‘s odds are at the top of the tree. If you are looking for an alternative to a lay bet for these events, again, Pinnacle’s Asian Handicap +0.5 market is a viable option,...
Teacher in an outdoor classroom in Agra, India / Lehrer in einem Klassenzimmer im Freien in Agra, Indien

How is Overround Calculated and what are the Benefits of Removing it from the Betting Odds?

Simply put, overround is the bookmaker’s profit margin. Overround percentages vary and usually average between 4 and 7%, depending on the bookmaker. Although bookmaker odds do not always fully represent the ‘true’ (expected)...
Inserting a puzzle piece / Einfügen eines Puzzle-Stücks

The Secret to Becoming a Successful Bettor

If you are reading this article then you have probably already tried a plethora of different betting strategies, perhaps without great success. Like many others, you may already have lost a fair amount of money. However, you probably still strongly...
Man with measure tape and golden coins / Mann mit Messband und goldenen Münzen

Impact of the ‘Overround’ on Accumulators, Multiple Bets, and Parlays

Betting odds are supposed to reflect the probability (statistical expectation) that a particular event will happen. Image: Elnur (Shutterstock) Because bookmakers are profit-making enterprises who offer bets on the market, it is understandable...