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Why A Pinnacle Account Is Essential

Who Are Pinnacle?

Pinnacle is located on the Island Territory of Curaçao, a tax haven in the Caribbean, where the primary language is Dutch. It is fully licensed and regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles.

Since its formation in 1998, Pinnacle has chosen to grab market share by reducing its margins in order to offer best odds. This is a business model aimed at generating huge turnover, which is estimated in the billions of U.S. dollars, although it no longer accepts customers from the U.S.. A small profit of a huge turnover is still a handsome return for its operation.

An indication of how seriously Pinnacle takes its business is evident from the fact that its odds are always shown to three decimal places and its payouts are also as precise.

Pinnacle is a no-frills firm providing great odds together with betting limits you are never likely to breach. It makes a point of not offering free bet lures or bonuses of any nature because its business model means it does not need to sweeten customers; the odds offered are incentive enough to do business with Pinnacle.

Why Use Pinnacle?

We have seen the advantages of using Pinnacle to back events, but if you want a more profitable approach than laying in a betting exchange, time constraints may prevent you from utilizing the bookmaker alternatives. Instead of looking at bookmaker combinations for ‘Dutch’ backing options, or investigating the less flexible double chance market, perhaps look just at the Asian Handicap +0.5 market: Pinnacle is at the top of the bookmaker pyramid for this option.

One last point of note is that Pinnacle sometimes avoids offering odds on certain matches, especially those involving huge favourites against no-hopers. We can forgive this part of their business model as the rewards on offer with them are more than adequate. And they promise not to close your account if you’re successful.

A quote from Pinnacle Sports’ web site:

“About Our Approach – A Unique Bookmaking Model

Pinnacle Sports operates a unique low margin-high volume model that enables us to offer the best odds, and highest betting limits online. This distinguishes us from a traditional bookmaking approach, because we don’t take positions, but let markets shape themselves. This is only possible because we have refined a unique combination of exclusive technology, and expertise in odds-setting, that no competitor has been able to match, let alone better!

Winners Welcome – Why We Need Sharp Players

Unlike our competitors we actively welcome winners. We aren’t afraid of successful players, we need them. Our model requires the volume that serious bettors bring, and the betting behaviour of sharp bettors informs us, giving us the confidence to provide the best odds and highest betting limits online.”

Today’s Alexa rank (rating tool to measure the popularity of Web sites), for Pinnacle Sports is 8,565. This compares with the giant Bet365 (world’s largest bookmaker), at a ranking of 283. Betfair is ranked in-between at 1,094.

Last Update: 29 November 2012

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  1. 1 December 2012 at 11:04 am #

    Pinnacle Sports agents and owners arrested in the US

    I still use them but I keep minimum amount.

    All the best

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