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Self Check: Do I Have a Gambling Problem?

Living & Dealing with a Gambling Problem

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If you feel you may have a gambling problem, then the only sound advice we can provide is please STOP gambling altogether!

We know this is easier said than done so, get help if you need it and don’t be afraid to speak to your friends and family; get other people’s perspectives on the situation. Never feel ashamed to seek counselling; there are many problems in life we all need a little help with and it should be a comfort to know that this is one area where free assistance is readily available.

It is IMPOSSIBLE to get rich with gambling if you lack the necessary training, knowledge and experience. It is also IMPOSSIBLE to make a sufficient living from gambling if you only have limited funds available to begin with.

Even if you know the market, have a good selection system, can access all the top bookmakers and exchanges, and actually succeed to achieve a 20% ROI (return on investment) per month, if you want to make £1,000 monthly on a regular basis firstly you need a total fund of perhaps £50,000 in your betting accounts, every month: This is the easy part! Of course, you then have to spend 40-50 hours per week carrying out all the necessary calculations, placing the bets, recording your results, monitoring them, tweaking your system, managing your accounts, and so on…

Making serious money as a ‘professional gambler’ is not a part-time job. It takes years of insight and education to understand the market and more time on top of this to practice your skills. Before you succeed to earn, say, £2,000 monthly, you will probably have gone through several years of hardship, studying, trial and error.

Gambling Insights

Of course, you may see succeeding in gambling as a ‘mathematical challenge’. If so, do it on paper first and not with real money until you have qualified yourself sufficiently. You might wish to consider writing educational articles for Soccerwidow which will in return help you to think things through. Or, why not set up your own blog, or participate in forums? However, do not risk money until you are absolutely sure that you will gain a positive return on your investment.

You will find in many articles which explain ‘value’ and how to find a ‘mathematical edge’ turning betting into an unemotional process. Only by wagering continually on wrongly-priced odds and within acceptable probabilities can a ‘select few’ ever hope to make money from betting in the long-run (betting success also requires other personality traits such as even-temperament, discipline, patience, etc.).

For the few ‘professional’ bettors who possess both the right character and the optimum skills set, betting eventually becomes a pure ‘numbers game’, effectively ‘investing’ money (rather than gambling) for a long-term profit. But the road to this level of competence is very long, steep and stony.

There are some techniques and methods which virtually guarantee positive returns, and if followed religiously are a secure approach to making money in the bookmaker and betting exchange markets. Feel free to check them out. These methods are certainly a good start in turning a losing streak into something far more encouraging:

Explore Soccerwidow’s avenues in the articles, Sharp Betting, How to Calculate Mathematical Advantage, and Soccerwidow’s Fundamentals of Sports Betting Course, where you will learn to calculate odds, probabilities, ‘value’, and how to think like a bookmaker, thus becoming more effective in your betting endeavors.

Last Update: 15 March 2016

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