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Monthly Archives: August 2018

Puppy counting goldfish jumping into a bowl from a laptop / Welpen beobachtet Goldfische, die von einem Laptop in eine Schüssel springen

Betting System Concepts For Successful Football Betting

Imagine a trawler boat casting its net indiscriminately into the depths of an ocean. Although we know the fish are down there, ultimately, the only question that can ever be answered with any certainty is, “How many fish were caught?”. We...

2017-18 Winter League Report – Bank Management & Stake Size

In the article Finding a System Using the HO/AO Quotient I showed you how to identify profitable clusters where the market constantly over- or underprices the bets on offer and, based on this knowledge, the article Judging the Risk of a Football...

System Football Betting: 2017-18 Winter League Report – 35k in 138 Days

The 2017-18 Winter League Campaign consisted of 138 betting days spanning 10 and-a-half months. Despite a rocky start and other challenging periods throughout 2017-18, a starting bank of 4,000 units was eventually turned into 38,925. Image...
Team of happy businessmen cheering and embracing a soccer ball / Team von fröhlicher Geschäftsleute mit Fußball

Best 50 Controversial and Inspirational Soccer Quotes

Whether looking for motivational and inspirational soccer quotes, or controversial and critical words about the beautiful game of football, then you should find something of interest in the following 50 quotes by famous people, soccer lovers...