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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Snail crawling on stairs of coins / Schnecke kriecht auf einer Treppe von Münzen

Choosing the Right Staking Plan

If you have investigated staking plans to any degree then you will certainly have already heard of various different strategies such as Martingale, D’alembert, Fibonacci, Parlay, Kelly, Square Root, Labouchere, Retirement, etc. You should...
Justice blindfolded with money on a scale / Gerechtigkeit mit verbundenen Augen mit Geld auf einer Waage

Soccerwidow Match Preview Pause in Betfair German Blog

Unfortunately, this announcement is not good news for those of you who like to follow Soccerwidow’s regular match previews published in the German Betfair blog: With immediate effect, there will be a pause until further notice. Image: kanvag...
Teacher in an outdoor classroom in Agra, India / Lehrer in einem Klassenzimmer im Freien in Agra, Indien

How is Overround Calculated and what are the Benefits of Removing it from the Betting Odds?

Simply put, overround is the bookmaker’s profit margin. Overround percentages vary and usually average between 4 and 7%, depending on the bookmaker. Although bookmaker odds do not always fully represent the ‘true’ (expected)...

Utilising Soccerwidow’s Value Betting Spreadsheets: Lay in-play if the underdog scores first

There is a plethora of ways of utilising Soccerwidow’s Value Bet calculations to suit your personal strategy and interests. Here is another one of them… A Trader’s Point Of View – Day 3: 3 October, 2012 On 3rd October the Widow...