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Set of Manual Tools / Handwerkzeuge

Multilingual Ad Targeting & Positioning in WordPress

C’est facile, n’est-ce pas? This blog is not only a bilingual German and English site, but most of the adverts on it also fit the article topics and display in the correct language. For example, if you press F5 and reload a page...
Abstract conception of network and communication / Abstrakte Darstellung von Netzwerken und Kommunikation

Management of External & Affiliate Links via Redirection Scripts in WordPress

Hopefully, as your Web site grows and prospers, inevitably, the number of external links will grow too. However, from the very start of your Internet project, it is crucial to be aware that Web pages on third party Web sites have the annoying...

WordPress Plugin: List Category Posts

This plugin List Category Posts has reached almost 400,000 downloads in less than 4-years (up to 28/03/2013 as I write this update), which is always a good sign of a valued plugin. I have to say that the plugin works perfectly in a range of...