Demystifying Betting Myths
Statistics are the language of betting; learn to speak fluently, and the market will reveal its secrets.

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Teacher in an outdoor classroom in Agra, India / Lehrer in einem Klassenzimmer im Freien in Agra, Indien

How is Overround Calculated and what are the Benefits of Removing it from the Betting Odds?

Simply put, overround is the bookmaker’s profit margin. Overround percentages vary and usually average between 4 and 7%, depending on the bookmaker. Although bookmaker odds do not always fully represent the ‘true’ (expected)...
Man with measure tape and golden coins / Mann mit Messband und goldenen Münzen

Impact of the ‘Overround’ on Accumulators, Multiple Bets, and Parlays

Betting odds are supposed to reflect the probability (statistical expectation) that a particular event will happen. Image: Elnur (Shutterstock) Because bookmakers are profit-making enterprises who offer bets on the market, it is understandable...
Smiling business woman with a calculator / Lächelnde Geschäftsfrau mit einem Taschenrechner

Football Betting Permutations: 5 Cup Finals in 5 Days

Slim chance for the favourites? It has been a busy week in the world of football with the conclusions of many major tournaments across Europe, including the jewel in the crown, the UEFA Champions League final between Bayern Munich and Chelsea. Having...