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Screenshot from the Value Bet Calculator video tutorial how to input historical match and H2H data

Video Tutorial: Input Historical Football Data and H2H Results into Value Bet Detector

Our darling Soccerwidow is at it again with another eastern European rendition in our series of video tutorials showing you how to input historical football data into the Value Bet Detector for league games with head-to-head history. Enjoy the...
Hand pointing on network structure / Männerhand zeigt auf Netzwerkstruktur

Link Building and Back Links – What professional SEO Experts say

Do you feel uneasy at the thought of having to “build links”? If you do, your tactical approach to link building may need re-adjusting. Image: Shutterstock Try to think about building links as a way of connecting to ‘colleagues’...
Video tutorial on how to download data spreadsheets from and sort them for functionality

Video Tutorial: Download Historical Football Data and Sort for Functionality in Excel

We are often asked for advice and shortcuts on how speed up the process of filling-in data in our various Value Bet Detectors such as the League Matches with Head-to-Head History spreadsheet. Here is our very own Soccerwidow with some Excel...