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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Albino rat leaning on piles of coins / Albino Ratte stützt sich auf einen Stapel von Münzen

Soccerwidow Poll Results up to October 2011

Soccerwidow’s first reader poll is on the subject of whether there are people who actually make a living from betting. Image: panbazil (Shutterstock) Altogether, since February 2011, there have been over 100 replies in total from our...
Sexy Asian Female: Soccer Fan / Sexy Asiatische Frau: Fußballfan

Fenerbahce match sees all men banned

More than 46,000 women and children filled Sukru Saracoglu Stadium to watch Fenerbahce play against Manisapor in a Turkish Super League match in Istanbul on Tuesday night, 21st September, 2011. The Turkish authorities came up with this radical...