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Monthly Archives: March 2011

Man with 4 arms and juggling with calculator, abacus, note pad and pen / Mann mit vier Armen jongliert mit Taschenrechner, Rechentafel, Notizblock und Stift

Calculation of Odds: Probability and Deviation

Calculating odds is a science, and statisticians/analysts, who can do the job competently, receive good annual salaries (GBP 50k-80k; €60k-95k: Quantitative Analyst). These jobs are paid so well because the results form the backbone of each...
Desk calendar showing February 2011 / Tischkalender für Februar 2011

The Second Month in Figures – February 2011

The second month of this blog is now concluded and if anyone is thinking of starting a similar project, I am sure they would appreciate some statistical information, insights into whether it is possible to earn money from site traffic, and an...