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Pretty businesswoman gives the thumbs up / Hübsche Geschäftsfrau mit den Daumen nach oben

SEO Tips: Trust and Authority are Essential Ranking Factors

Is your site a recognised authority? Is your site a widely accepted leader in its field? These are the goals! Forget about SEO when you are deciding what to put on your website. Think about strong topics in your industry; not just those with...
Businessman on stilts trying to find an exit out of the maze / Geschäftsmann auf Stelzen sucht einen Ausgang aus einem Labyrinth

Stick to Intriguing and Captivating Content for Your Website

To be successful with a website, you need to create regularly interesting and informative articles and share valuable free content in order to attract new prospects. There is simply too much competition for time. People decide within seconds...
Smiling young woman points finger at you / Lächelnde junge Frau zeigt mit dem Finger auf dich

Effective Search Engine Optimisation – What is SEO?

There is a plethora of technical advice for improving search engine optimisation (SEO) but let’s face it, every attempt to optimise any website has the primary goal of getting free traffic from search engines. The majority of advice focuses...
Businessman with new creative idea / Geschäftsmann mit neuen kreativen Idee

Make Money from your Website – Strategic Advisory SEO Quotes

Earning a living and making money with a website requires time, dedication and good business planning. Establishing a site doesn’t happen overnight and neither does website monetisation success. Image: alphaspirit (Shutterstock) The following...
3d target and arrows / 3D Target mit Pfeilen

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation – Increase the Number of Customers

In simple terms, conversion rate optimisation is nothing more than finding out why visitors are not converting, and then fixing it. That’s it. You need to constantly re-assess your past efforts and try to better your website. Focus on...
Hand pointing on network structure / Männerhand zeigt auf Netzwerkstruktur

Link Building and Back Links – What professional SEO Experts say

Do you feel uneasy at the thought of having to “build links”? If you do, your tactical approach to link building may need re-adjusting. Image: Shutterstock Try to think about building links as a way of connecting to ‘colleagues’...