The Over Under Cluster Tables revolve around how statistics and mathematics are applied practically to betting, and how bookmakers set their odds to make money.

The cluster tables are used to show how to find ‘errors’ in the odds offered in the bookmaker markets and take advantage of those errors for long-term gain.

The tables accompany the Fundamentals of Sports Betting course and apply the knowledge gained about deviations when using them. Using the cluster tables, you can easily identify odds pricing errors in the market.

Once that you have established the statistical probability of the match to end in less or more than 2.5 goals, the only thing that is left is to determine is what odds you should accept. For this, the cluster tables are of essential help.

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Over/Under Custer Tables

Cluster Tables

The tables divide the last five seasons into teams and clusters according to the HO/AO quotient.

They are an essential tool in identifying value bets and creating a winning portfolio for the Over/Under goals market.

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Over Under Betting

The random nature of goal scoring is the reason that allows statistics to follow a distribution as a predictive model for Over/Under betting.

Over / Under ‘X’ Goals Cluster Tables

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What Are the Cluster Tables For?

Readers of the Course Book were introduced to the principles of bookmaking as a business and they now know that Odds more often follow the Public Opinion rather than True Probabilities.

The Cluster Tables use information available in the market (1×2 odds) to group matches according to the ‘perceived’ strength of teams. Public belief therefore becomes a ‘correction factor’ which is very useful when picking bets and looking for ‘errors’ in the market odds.

What is the HO/AO Quotient?

HO: home odds
AO: away odds

By dividing HO by AO we get a quotient which can be used for clustering matches by the ‘strength’ of the teams playing each other.

For example, if there is a match with ‘equally’ strong teams then the HO/AO quotient will be around 1.0 (more or less, roughly speaking); like a game Hertha Berlin vs. Stuttgart in 2015.

Hertha’s home odds were: 2.62, and Stuttgart’s away odds: 2.91.
HO/AO: 2.62 / 2.91 = 0.900

When clustering we are not asking the question; ‘Were these teams really equally matched?’ We don’t try to recalculate the 1×2 odds, instead we simply use the market prices and naturally assume that the market was at the time reflecting public opinion.

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If you wish to know more about the HO/AO quotient and its usefulness for picking Over/Under value bets then you should consider purchasing the course

Using the Cluster Tables
Value Betting in Practice

Three Easy Steps

  • (1) HO/AO Quotient

    Determine the HO/AO quotient and find the corresponding rows in the
    Over/Under ‘X’ Goals Cluster Tables.

  • (2) Find Value

    Compare the zero odds with the offered market odds to spot potential betting candidates

  • (3) Choose the Bets

    Depending upon your personal preference or strategy decide which bets to take into the portfolio.

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What Course Buyers Say

Famous Last Words

HDAFU tables and Amadeus

The results for ‘Over/Under X Goals’ are very formulaic in their distribution and repeat themselves with an astonishing reliability every year.

However, remember, there is never any guarantee that the same statistical trends will continue season after season after season..

Good Luck & Stay Focused!

O/U ~ HO/AO Cluster Tables

Over / Under Cluster Tables

Designed to create a correction factor to take public opinion into consideration.

The Real Approach To Making Money with Betting!

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Use the tables and operate a book of bets like the bookmakers for perennial profits!

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