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Webmasters can insert their website and descriptions here. However, in order for accepting the listing the simple condition is to link back to Soccerwidow on their site.

The listings are operated by the WordPress Plugin WP Link Robot, and in connection with the Thesis theme which I am using, all entries are optimized for SEO. All registered links are permalinks and increase the number of the relevant back links which are needed for page ranking; and besides it is a great service for readers to find a football and betting committed directory in the web..

Reciprocal URL is the address, where the back link will be found to Soccerwidow.

Please copy and paste the following link into your website:

<a href="" target="_new">Soccerwidow</a>

Text to be used if suitable:

About Football, Gambling, Statistics, Betting Maths and Strategies

If you cannot identify a suitable category for your link then please drop me an email, and I will set-up a new category immediately.

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Last Update: 6 February 2011


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