2020-21 Summer and Winter League HDAFU & Over/Under Cluster Tables Calendar

2019 Summer Leagues

01. Brazil Série A

Série A has no recognisable mid-season interval, but for the sake of the HDAFU tables, the break is at the mid-point of the season.

Start Date: 9th August, 2020

1st Half Ends: 1st November, 2020 (Round 19)

2nd Half Starts: 8th November, 2020 (Round 20)

Finish Date: 24th February, 2021

02. China Super League

For the sake of the HDAFU tables, the Chinese Super League break is at the mid-point of the season.

Start Date: 25th July, 2020

1st Half Ends: 27th August, 2020 (Round 7, Groups A & B)

2nd Half Starts: 29th August, 2020 (Round 8, Groups A & B)

Finish Date: 28th September, 2020

03. Finland Veikkausliiga

Although the Veikkausliiga has no recognisable interval, for the sake of the HDAFU tables, the break is at the midway point in the league schedule.

Start Date: 1st July, 2020

1st Half Ends: 26th August, 2020 (Round 11)

2nd Half Starts: 29th August, 2020 (Round 12)

Finish Date: 25th October, 2020

04. Iceland Úrvalsdeild

Although the Úrvalsdeild has no regular interval, for the sake of the HDAFU tables, it is between the 10th and 11th round of matches.

Start Date: 13th June, 2020

1st Half Ends: 5th August, 2020 (Round 10)

2nd Half Starts: 9th August, 2020 (Round 11)

Finish Date: 31st October, 2020

05. Ireland Premier Division

For the sake of our first and second half season splits, the Irish Premier Division breaks after Round 9 matches during the current rearranged format.

Start Date: 14th February, 2020

1st Half Ends: 23rd August, 2020 (Round 9)

2nd Half Starts: 4th September, 2020 (Round 10)

Finish Date: 30th October, 2020

06. Japan J-League

The J-league has no recognisable interval, but for the sake of the HDAFU tables, the break is at the mid-point in the season.

Start Date: 21st February, 2020

1st Half Ends: 19th September, 2019 (Round 17)

2nd Half Starts: 23rd September, 2019 (Round 18)

Finish Date: 19th December, 2020

07. Norway Tippeligaen

The Tippeligaen mid-season break varies from year to year but has been discounted this season due to the coronavirus interruption.

Start Date: 16th June, 2020

1st Half Ends: 24th August, 2020 (Round 15)

2nd Half Starts: 29th August, 2020 (Round 16)

Finish Date: T.B.A. December, 2020

08. South Korea K-league 1

The K-league has no recognisable interval, but for the sake of the HDAFU tables, the break is at the mid-point of the regular season.

Start Date: 8th May, 2020

1st Half Ends: 12th July, 2019 (Round 11)

2nd Half Starts: 18th July, 2020 (Round 12)

Finish Date: 4th October, 2020

09. Sweden Allsvenskan

The Allsvenskan mid-season break varies from year to year but has been discounted this season due to the coronavirus interruption.

Start Date: 14th June, 2020

1st Half Ends: 13th August, 2019 (Round 15)

2nd Half Starts: 15th August, 2020 (Round 16)

Finish Date: 6th December, 2020

10. U.S.A. Major League Soccer

Start Date: N/A

1st Half Ends: N/A

2nd Half Starts: N/A

Finish Date: N/A

Last Update: 1 August 2020

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13 Responses to “2020-21 Summer and Winter League HDAFU & Over/Under Cluster Tables Calendar”

  1. 26 February 2020 at 1:38 am #


    Posting this here as it’s a calendar related questions. I’m interested in the take you guys may have on the coronavirus and the disruption it is having on the start of some of the summer leagues. China, of course, South Korea and now Japan are seeing it’s football games postponed indefinitely. We don’t know when the seasons will actually start, therefore do you think this will have any impact on the results distribution especially when considering 1st and 2nd half of season systems? Do you think this level of disruption should have any bearing on whether to pursue these particular leagues for betting purposes.

    I’m attempting a summer league portfolio, but am a little concerned that betting on those particular affected leagues may not be wise in the circumstances due to the delayed start dates and possibly condensed/congested season which would be unlike any in the previous 5.

    Your thoughts greatly appreciated.


    • 26 February 2020 at 9:29 am #

      Hi Simon, nobody really knows how the virus will develop and if the world is truly facing a pandemic and what effect it will have on the economy and everything else.

      However, I, as a statistician, see it for the economy far less devastating than many panic reactions suggest. So far, 80% of the infected people don’t show any or only very mild symptoms; the majority of them don’t even notice that they have the virus. The really big problem with these unaffected people is that they are carriers of this deadly virus for around 14 days. That’s a real problem and very high risk as it’s causing a very easy spread of this virus and hence, the intense control measures that are currently being put in place all over the world. All countries are working very hard to reduce the spread of the virus.

      Of course, what must have an effect on the economy and businesses are the quarantines and lock-downs. However, how much and what exactly that is everybody’s guess. For example, in Italy, many A-League games have been recently played without a supporting crowd. However, I personally wouldn’t think that this should affect the game results, at least not as long all the players are still healthy, their managers and team around them as well as their families. But that is my opinion. Statistically, we will only know for sure next year.

      Nevertheless, what I would suggest doing is to pick systems and monitor them for a while without putting on real big money. It doesn’t do any harm to start betting with real money a little bit later. Anyway, the first 6 weeks of every season are always a little bit bumpy, with or without a Coronavirus.

      Good luck to you and everyone else who is reading this comment! Stay away from crowds for a while and try of not catching that virus! 🙂

  2. 11 April 2019 at 5:32 pm #

    Hey guys,

    just before you spend money, consider this data is to the most extend freely available online. And further, before relying on this data read this https://twitter.com/12Xpert and the information provided on the 11.04.2019 about systems based on historical data.

    All the best.


  3. 29 June 2018 at 12:03 pm #

    I’m confused, the last match in Allsvenskan was played on the 27th of May, but you say it has no break during the World Cup, although the next match will be played on the 3rd of July. Japan J league also has a break since 20th of May, the next round will be played on the 18th of July.

    • 29 June 2018 at 2:34 pm #

      Hi Jo,

      Yes, the WC has interrupted a few schedules. From the Japan perspective, all of its analyses for the HDAFU tables split perfectly in half – the first 17 rounds followed by the next. The WC has created a ‘false’ break – what effect this is likely to be is anyone’s guess. But to be technically following the HDAFU tables’ model, I suggest using the half/half season break per the dates above.

      I have changed the dates for Sweden and thanks for making me think again on that one.

      • 1 July 2018 at 12:29 pm #

        Hi Right Winger,

        ok understood. According to this article 2nd half of Finish Veikkausliga started on the 30th of June (round 17) but there were some teams with just 15 matches played and these teams played against teams with 16 or even 17 matches played. How to maneuver this the next time?

  4. 4 May 2018 at 9:13 pm #


    With the new format in the Ireland premier league this season, is the end of the 1st half of the season to be treated as the end of round 16 as stated in this article? Or would it be the end of round 18, which is exactly half of this season? Want to make sure I switch to the second half system at the right time.


    • 5 May 2018 at 12:53 am #

      Hi Simon,

      I will update the article over the weekend with the various Summer League dates now that most of them are known.

      You are right – end of Round 18 (19th May) signals the close of the first half of the season in Ireland.

      Second half of season systems in Ireland should begin with the round of matches commencing on 21st May.

      Thanks for taking the trouble to write.

  5. 9 September 2017 at 9:21 pm #

    Hi, i read all your stuff but never posted.

    Im making something that looks at the “book” and finds pricing errors.

    I can not think of a logical way to price matches between “NEW” teams (ones that have just been promoted) and existing teams.

    It is very hard to get anything making much sense pricewise with so few games played in most of the leagues.

    Got any tips on how to deal with NEW teams in Imature leagues ? ANything you have ever wrote on this would be very helpfull – I cant find anything on this subject.

    • 10 September 2017 at 12:48 pm #

      Hi Semnomic,

      Thanks for your comment.

      We have written in the past about the issue of calculating odds for league newcomers and agree it is an unreliable science.

      Better to concentrate on teams with longer track records in the leagues you are looking at.

      I hope this helps in some small way.

      • 11 September 2017 at 8:08 pm #

        Thanks for link – What I’m looking at is using history from newcomers LAST season, applying a sort of weighting to it and combining it back into current season. So although the HDA numbers + total goals etc are high for last season they get diluted yet give some credit. As the season progresses I dilute less and less until about 50% of way through season where NO old data is used…

  6. 11 August 2017 at 11:17 am #

    Hi Right Winger,

    will you update this article with the dates now that the schedules are out? Thanks, and keep up the good work!

    • 23 August 2017 at 4:08 pm #

      Hi Daniel,

      Your wish is my command!

      Everything duly updated – still a few gaps in the Winter League programme (Greece and a few end-of-season uncertainties), but this calendar article will continue to be amended as soon as dates become fixed…

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