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Monthly Archives: August 2020

Coronavirus illustration & soccer player

2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables – Coronavirus Trial – ‘Live’ Picks

This article will be updated at least once a day until the first halves of the league seasons highlighted finish. Clear your browser cache and then press the F5 key to refresh. Live Simulation: Nine HDAFU Systems in Four Leagues Many of you...
Graph Profit+Loss HDAFU Trial Summer Leagues 2020

Interim Report after 91 Picks & 26 Betting Rounds ~ HDAFU Tables

2020 Summer League HDAFU Tables: Coronavirus Trial – ‘Live’ Picks Since the 1st July, we have been running a live picks experiment using systems selected from our HDAFU Tables to see if Covid-19 is affecting results one way or another. As...
Profit/Loss graph after 25 rounds - Corona experiment July 2020

Coronavirus Experiment: Over Under Betting after Interruption

After the first wave of the coronavirus, most of the leagues have now resumed their games and Soccerwidow started a public experiment to see whether old statistics can still be used and what can be observed after this unexpectedly long break....