Demystifying Betting Myths
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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Red pen on a calculator beside a piggy bank - save on costs, expenses, and budget / Roter Stift auf einem Taschenrechner neben einem Sparschwein - Kosten sparen und Ausgaben reduzieren

Arbitrage between Bookmakers and Cross Market Arbitrage

(1) Arbitrage between Two Bookmakers in One Betting Market This is the classic form of sports arbitrage (sure bets) in football betting. The arbitrage opportunity relies on at least two bookmakers evaluating the same event differently, each...
Percent cubes, 3D image / Prozent-Würfel, 3D-Bild

Probability, Expectation, Hit Rate, Value, Mathematical Advantage: Explained

Introduction The terms probability, expectation, likelihood, chance and hit rate are all closely related, and express more or less the same thing. The difference is that before a game one talks about ‘chance’, ‘probability’,...