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Nest Egg metaphor with three eggs mapped with dollar bills / Notgroschen Metapher mit drei Eier als Dollarscheine

How to Become Rich – 10 Powerful Books about Wealth and Money

Who doesn’t want to become rich? The answers are here. Embrace them. The rich know things that most people don’t. Learn from the wealthy. One thing that successful people have in common is that they understand it’s not about how...
Cartoon: Businessmen look on as old timer uses divining rod / Geschäftsleute sehen seinem alten Mann mit Wünschelrute zu

What You Should Know About Value for Money & Personal Finances

The crucial importance of truly understanding the concept of ‘Value for Money‘ first dawned on me when I was appointed by a school in England to sort out their finances in 2003. Despite being a well-funded state school their budget...
Man in suit hiding his head in sand / Mann im Anzug versenkt seinen Kopf im Sand

Are You the Architect of Your own Fortune, or Misfortune?

Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire is a luck expert: In numerous surveys and experiments he has researched what luck actually is and he has published various books and publications in which he advocates that luck is merely an...
Businessman with new creative idea / Geschäftsmann mit neuen kreativen Idee

Make Money from your Website – Strategic Advisory SEO Quotes

Earning a living and making money with a website requires time, dedication and good business planning. Establishing a site doesn’t happen overnight and neither does website monetisation success. Image: alphaspirit (Shutterstock) The following...
3d target and arrows / 3D Target mit Pfeilen

Website Conversion Rate Optimisation – Increase the Number of Customers

In simple terms, conversion rate optimisation is nothing more than finding out why visitors are not converting, and then fixing it. That’s it. You need to constantly re-assess your past efforts and try to better your website. Focus on...