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Albino rat leaning on piles of coins / Albino Ratte stützt sich auf einen Stapel von Münzen

Soccerwidow Poll Results up to October 2011

Soccerwidow’s first reader poll is on the subject of whether there are people who actually make a living from betting. Image: panbazil (Shutterstock) Altogether, since February 2011, there have been over 100 replies in total from our...

Betting Exchanges: Backing and Laying of Bets

Even if many probably already know the difference between Back and Lay, some may not and therefore I am dedicating today’s article to a general explanation of Internet betting exchanges, including the placing and laying of sports bets. As...
Girl dreaming about growth of income / Mädchen träumt übers Wachstum ihres Einkommens

Psychology of Gambling and the Importance of a Staking Plan

This article discusses the psychology of gamblers and explains what a staking plan is, why such a plan is of enormous importance, and the mistakes one should avoid at all costs. With any form of betting it is essential to calculate individual...