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WikiCommons: Carvings on Yōmeimon Gate at Tōshō-gū Shrine in Nikko

Best 50 Sharing Knowledge Quotes – Words of Great Wisdom

Sharing knowledge has helped mankind survive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species he is today. In the animal kingdom and indeed in business, knowledge sharing can make the difference between survival and extinction. Photo:...
3d man with magnifier and footprints / 3D Mann mit Lupe und Fußabdrücken

Powerful Quotes about Success and Achievement by Strong Women

It was over 350 years ago that Catherine the Great said: “I beg you take courage; the brave soul can mend even disaster.” Inspiring words by a great woman. Our hand-picked collection of sayings about success, achievement, strength, courage...
Excited business people group push team leader in chair / Begeistertes Team mit Teamleiter im Bürostuhl

Best 25 Quotes about Leadership – Wise and Inspirational

There is an English saying: You can’t be everybody’s darling. Applied to leadership this means that leaders are not necessarily liked by everybody. 200 years ago, Abraham Lincoln worded his enigma very wisely: You can please some...