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Quote: I am not ashamed to confess I am ignorant of what I do not know - Cicero

50 Wise & Profound Quotes on Ignorance and Stupidity

Being ignorant means lacking knowledge; yet, possessing information alone does not mean having knowledge… Text Art: Elena Schaelike (Wisejam) People may be aware of a multitude of facts and there may be vast amounts of information available...
WikiCommons: Carvings on Yōmeimon Gate at Tōshō-gū Shrine in Nikko

Best 50 Sharing Knowledge Quotes – Words of Great Wisdom

Sharing knowledge has helped mankind survive and evolve into the intelligent and productive species he is today. In the animal kingdom and indeed in business, knowledge sharing can make the difference between survival and extinction. Photo:...
Sibling monkies whispers / Geschwisteraffen flüstern

Best 50 Meaningful Quotes on Communication

Looking for inspiring quotes and intelligent words about communication? Here are 50 meaningful quotes about effective communication, and skilful and proficient interaction gathered from famous businessmen, great thinkers, and ancient philosophers. Image:...
Businessman on stilts trying to find an exit out of the maze / Geschäftsmann auf Stelzen sucht einen Ausgang aus einem Labyrinth

Stick to Intriguing and Captivating Content for Your Website

To be successful with a website, you need to create regularly interesting and informative articles and share valuable free content in order to attract new prospects. There is simply too much competition for time. People decide within seconds...
Businessmen racing in chairs with helmets / Geschäftsleute in voller Montur und Helmen, in einem Rennen auf Bürostühlen

50 Inspirational and Motivational Cooperation, Winning Teams and Teamwork Quotes

Since the dawn of time, the descent of man has revolved around teamwork, and today, successful organisations in any sphere of life all rely on a teamwork ethic with people working together towards a common goal. Image: Luis Louro (Shutterstock) Our...